Stop at level 50

i have bought the BL2 season pass but i don’t want to go after lev 50, so i didn’t download the upgrade pack, but i noticed that the level bar is filling, why? Can i avoid this or i must go lev 61 to play the dlcs?

There are two upgrade packs, so make sure you have both uninstalled. Otherwise you’ll level to 61. The first one is the Ultimate Upgrade Pack 1 and the second is Digistruct Peak.

Thank you but i don’t have download the two upgrade, only the four campaign and when i went to aosis with my psycho (lv 50) the level bar started grown again. I’ve just checked and i don’t have any upgrades pack in my hard disk

edit: i find out that is the season pass file that makes you go to lev 61

That’s a bit awkward… Not sure what would happen if you deleted it and you’d already downloaded the extra characters and the DLC? At least you won’t level up that quickly if you stay in TVHM - it takes quite a while to get past 52 unless you are doing a lot of side quests and DLC missions.

So fu**ing annoying, if i delete the 108k file that is the season pass i can’t play the dlcs, so now i’m forced to level up 4 charactersX11 levels and throw away tons of unique and legendary weapons i farmed for. Someone can help me get to lev 61? Otherwise i will finish the dlcs at normal and sell this game as soon as possible

What platform are you on? You can get to 61 relatively quickly in UVHM doing main story and select side-quests/DLC missions. It can be a bit rough around 55-57 if you’re build isn’t solid, but 61 is pretty good. (Level 72 is a blast, btw.)

xbox 360, but i’m not going to play the main story again, 8 times is enough in my opinion

If that’s the case, I’d just stick with TVHM and let the XP trickle out until you effectively stop levelling. Here’s why:

  • If you get power-levelled to 61 but don’t play in UVHM, you’ll be horrendously over-levelled for TVHM where most of the enemies (and more importantly the loot) will be stuck at level 50 .
  • If you do go into UVHM, you’ll have to repeat the story anyway in order to get some of the gear you want at level 61

IIRC, DLCs 3 and 4 can level to 55 in TVHM, but if you’ve already started those in TVHM the areas you’ve visited will already be locked at the level you were when you first entered them.

So if i must finish UVHM for the enemies in TVHM go to lev 61? no way, play UVHM without good stuff is a pain, if i’m lev 61 with good weapons maybe i would do that

Not quite: the enemies in TVHM main game will stay level 50 (+/- a little); if you get to level 61 and want equivalent level enemies, you’ll have to be in UVHM.

I think the highest I’ve ever gone in TVHM without starting UVHM was 53; I’ve seen people claim they got to level 55, but that would be extremely slow and, if you did then start UVHM, you’d be at a big disadvantage weapon-wise.

So your choices are:

  1. Stay in TVHM, and accept that you’ll become over-levelled for general mobs/enemies (but not raid bosses and the last two DLCs if you haven’t already started them)

  2. Start UVHM and press on or be power-levelled to level 61 (but then you’ll need to replay the story if you want mission rewards or to farm bosses at the higher level)

If you decide you want to power-level or play through UVHM, there are still some of us playing BL2 on 360.

If i find someone that can help me to power-level at 61 i will play UVHM otherwise no, i’ve waste enough time on this game

Ok, so you can post here. I also have a bunch of characters at levels up to 72, so if you wanted to drop in one of those you could gain some levels pretty quickly. Let me know!

Thank you but i’m italian (that’s why my english is bad, probably) :smile: . If you are from europe and can help me i would be happy, my GT is STARbyBLOOD

I’m in Canada, so time difference would be very awkward. Try posting in the on-line play section for 360 though - there are quite a few players in the UK. If you get really stuck, I’m often on in the morning here on Saturdays, which would by early afternoon in italy. If that works, give me a shout.

Ok thank you, but if i finish the campaign at level 61 in UVHM the side quest for unique blue weapons will became al lev 61, like in TVHM?

Yes, but TVHM stops scaling at level 50 once you beat the end boss.

Yes I understand, it means that now if i want to collect rare weapons at lev 61 i have to play in UVHM. Except for raid bosses?

Raid bosses also stop ~53 or so I believe. They won’t scale up to 61 or higher in TVHM.