Stop being a touchy random

I love playing with others, even the ones who join my world through matchmaking. Message for all randoms who join, stop touching everything and let me play my story. There is no need for some random player to be quick cancelling audio from Echo Logs and picking up my side missions without allowing me to listen to the full extent of the dialog. Here is an issue that’s even worse, why do randoms have to complete missions for me? When a mission results in two outcomes, either we side with person A to get a shield or we side with person B to get a shotgun. The random ■■■■■ everything up and chooses the shotgun for me when I personally wanted the shield as a reward. I only get one chance per playthrough to receive that reward and a random blows it. Just be a good teammate, do not play the game for the host.


everybody hates it… and if you want to hear everything i suggest playing solo…

everybody will stop it in coop…


I’m glad I am not the only one. You’re right, i should just play solo. I just enjoy the company of others. It’s just too bad people need to highjack someone elses playthrough.

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Why play the story w/ randoms tho?

solo is just better :slight_smile:

i never play coop (only with friends but no friend has BL3)

If you’re looking for good co-op, there’s a thread here somewhere for matchmaking (one per platform, I think). The pool is much smaller, but a pick up game from someone vetted on that list as housebroken should let you enjoy co op without those issues.

If you’re on PC (Epic or Steam - both should work, though matching through SHiFT seems to be the only way it actually works), I’m down for some co op this weekend… I’m similarly a solo player at heart, but co op can be fun sometimes (I just can’t commit to regular appointments). Like if you want to rustle up a couple of other heads, the weekend is wide open for me (cold and rainy out, so I’ll be farting around the galaxy all weekend long). I’m Adabiviak on Steam, Epic, and SHiFT.

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These are the threads you are looking for:


I know that feeling, since the good old BL2 days, and if you’re anything like me, I never ever rush anything, I like to take my time, go everywhere, open the entire map, pick up and listen to the echo logs, do crew challenges, get red chests/eridian writings and do ALL the side missions. That’s just how I like to play games like this, when I leave my game open and a random joins and start to mess things up, it gets kicked really fast…lols


That’s why I never play co-op unless it’s with a friend who feels te same :sweat_smile:

Though I’m now at a point where I’ve probably heard and read 98% of the stuff in this game…

I still don’t play co-op hahaha biggest reason is because all the friends I can play this with either dropped the game a long time ago or don’t own it because friends already dropped it.

Farming co-op is tedious… And I think the only content that would work for co-op is guardian takedown.

But there’s a subforum where you can find people to do this with. Maybe you can find somebody there

I’ve been fortunate to find a few co op friends who play by set rules as well as myself I follow what the host is doing when I join not touching anything and being support when asked. ie: Borderlands housebroken player,I wish you luck in finding a few players who can play like this
If you’re on PS4/5 and looking for some support company add me

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I hate players that use modded items in my game, one dude one day dropped a grenade that kept spawning a crazy amount of skulls for 20 minutes

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HELL YES to this!
I don’t understand when they do this, like join my game and start accepting every side quest they see, without asking, or completing crew challenges I was saving for max level. I don’t do that in other peoples games, I let the host make the decisions and progress missions. It’s just polite.
I played solo first before going near co-op, so I could experience the game how I wanted and control what choices I made. I rarely play co-op but if I do, it’s with a character that’s not gonna get messed up by a touchy random going rogue, lol.

Wish there was an option, like co-operation vs co-ompetition, where you could have other players as guests, that couldn’t affect missions and stuff, just help kill enemies.

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I learned quickly that playing with randoms and playing the story are just non-compatible. For this reason, I always made two characters in the beginning, one for a solo playthrough, and one specifically for playing co-op. I recommend the same to you, you can have a team experience without any worry this way.

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I already use this system for a very long time, I have 7 Mozes and 4 Amaras, 1 Moze and 1 Amara just for solo, and the others for coop only.


I’m glad I’m not the only one with several builds for a character. All solo play builds because of reasons listed by others above.