Stop bloody complaining!

This game hasn’t even been out for a month yet there is so much negativity on these forums already. This is broken, that’s OP, fix this, I’m not playing this game anymore, I’m selling my game, this game sucks, Gearbox can’t make a proper PvP game.

Well what do you expect? Gearbox has never made a game like this before so give them some leniency and a little credit for all the things they got right the first time! Have a little patience, they can’t fix everything the day you lodge a complaint and they’re not catering to you specifically and your one discrepency they’re catering to the community as a whole. Give this game time to grow, give Gearbox time to address the major problems and fix them first before they fix that one minor thing that slightly bugs that one person. Creating a game is not an easy process and patches do not just happen every day, if you don’t like it then go play something else otherwise wait for the fixes to come before you type up some big complaint thread then argue with everyone who disagrees with you and make demands of the developers.

Or, you could go out and make a better game, since so many people seem to think they have all the answers and think they could do a better job. It’s not perfect, no game is, NOTHING is, either be patient or take your impatience elsewhere so the rest of us can enjoy this game and help each other on the forums instead of being belligerent over a video game.


Assuming this will be locked soon due to not helping the issues at hand, ill quicky make a comment saying i agree, Make helpful feedback on the forums absolutely! but no on cares if you post a “im not playing this anymore” forum.


Oh, it wasn’t my intent to post a negative post and have it locked, I see a lot far more negative than this and they’re still active… :confused:

I try to be as constructive and helpful as possible, with a little humour thrown in on occasion, it’s just detrimental to the community to have so much negativity.
Not to mention that when I check new posts, I have to rifle through a lot of crap to find the one post relevant to this game or the one person asking a question that I may be able to answer.


People honestly think they’re single-handedly going to turn the tide against this game on its own forums. Go trash talk somewhere else. Just because the complainers are louder does NOT make them right. There are a ton of people not posting and spending more time actually having fun in game.


I don’t understand the point of a thread that tells others not to complain, but complains about those who complains which thus makes it redundant? Does that mean the thread is telling itself not to complain?

I see what your saying with some hyperbole example of people lambasting this game with no real feedback or contribution. But to tell people not to complain or go elsewhere isn’t really your right to say. The forums are here FOR people to do several things complaining is partly of which. Or should people only sing praises to this game and give Excel sheet spreads on what could increase this games performance.

Let people complain they have the right to, especially if they bought this game. Sure they shouldn’t be antagonistic towards other people on forums or to GBX. But neither should people be constantly antagonistic to them simply because they find flaws in the game that takes away from their experience.

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My dad used to say this when i’d argue as a kid, “do as I say, not as i do”, your post reminded me of this

it needs the negativity for change to happen. Destiny the Bungie games forums were full of negativity, but they listened and a year later they released the Taken King expansion and showed how much better the game could be.

The only problem with this line of thinking is Gearbox might just dump battleborn quickly in favour of the guaranteed success of Borderlands 3, rather than put in the effort to make battleborn a success.

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Perhaps I should change the title, it’s somewhat misleading given the content and seems a little contradictory/hypocritical, I kimd of went off on another tangent and started ranting. My apologies.

Its cool, it happens, you care about the game, but the “pessimistic” peeps care too, or did

Is it possible to be a pessi-optimist? I may see the glass half-empty but i see so much more potential for it to fill. matter of fact this glass may actually be a tank that i’d just love to see full of blasting potential. Then again it could be me just being greedy.

Personally I admit to complaining, but i do it with the best intentions at heart wishing for the best for this game. For the flaws to be amended and quickly so it can not just have a cult following. I just think everyone on the forum needs a hug now and again :sunny:

This would be a realist :slight_smile:
I think constructive criticism is valuable, maybe people should adopt the ‘bad news sandwich’ approach to soften the blow.
And everyone needs a hug once in a while, more hugs for everyone

Couldn’t agree more! :acmaffirmative:

Its called a bandwagon effect, and like the concept of drinking coffee and needing more of it to feel the same alertness, but only in the concept of gaming and the fun-ness of the game being the “alertness.” People and gamers specifically have gotten cynical about all games released recently this year and last. I feel sorry for Call of Duty/Infinityward on just their trailer alone.

I will make this in Bold: Gearbox Devs., Moderators, and your support staff at 2K, you guys are the bread/butter/ and The Drink of this game. Without you guys we would be stuck with fewer less game options to play. You guys created a fun game with so much humor. I remember the day you guys tried making a serious story and decided not to for Borderlands and the praises you got from that was well deserved. I know you guys are doing your all in making this game the best it can be for its genre alone. Hoping one day you guys don’t keep getting compared to Overwatch since you both are not the same(completely). As for the gamers who play this game talking about pricing, bugs, and the slow response time for all their pleas and complaining I have one big rant for you guys. The pricing is to make back the money it took the whole team to make the game from animation, story-telling, creative ideas, music, and hiring voice actors who i bet if you googled how much they ask for to be part of a game which is ridiculous, and peter dinklage being an example of the most priciest voice actor, and the money it cost to make commercial and advertisement for the game is not an easy or cheap thing to do. If you think you can do better, I wanna see you make a damn game or fix the coding error that they will show you on where they need to start on fixing issues from bugs, imbalance, and map re-texturing and remodeling. If you can’t do any of that or see the challenges gaming companies go through you must be damn challenged or plain up ignorant. Things like what is going on in the forums and Reddit are prime example of why other gaming companies fell and vanished, and corrupted companies exist, sorry to drop names here, but Bungie and Ubisoft as big example of a corrupted company, google what they have done to back that up. So I say here to everyone at Gearbox, You guys are doing your best and should not take everyones trash without firing back on all cylinders at them.


I think the difference is how people complain and even then i don’t like using the word complain… Pointing out problems and your opinion of the game in a respectful way is great for games, but there needs to be something there for GBX to accept. Simply saying “im not playing the game till this is fixed” doesn’t help. Or this character is to op and it sucks. Or I cant get loot drops…(RNG, Random. Number. Generator. emphasis on the random), that argument is like saying that guy won $10 on a scratchy and i didn’t fix it!)

Having something to point out is great, and even in a negative way feeling disappointing in a game is normal, but you can be disappointing and still be respectful to the people who put HOURS AND HOURS into making it, Thats the biggest problem i have on the forums is people just being little ■■■■■.

I see what you mean and with game industry, I’ve already made several posts about it myself. But firing back with all cylinders? you mean at what WHO your consumers, your potential consumers and your fans simply because they gave you some ‘■■■■’ on flaws or maybe even no flaws but just opinions on the game.

Idk I stand with the consumer sure i understand the business point of view but that does not make and error in code right, or ok, it does not make an glitch acceptable or imbalance suddenly balanced. If something needs fixing then people especially the consumers have a right to voice their opinions on the matter be it cotton candy sugar coated. Or an Angry Joe reaction and rant on the absurdity of the matter.

As long as the complaint isn’t meant to obviously cause harm why should people be fired back at for consuming a product and then having it jag their throats, when they spit it back up and complain listen to them. I congratulate GBX in it’s maturity on how it’s handled people thus far, and being honest it’s way more professional than other forums that I have invested in League of Legends being one. Where the area is extremely toxic and the devs can be complete ‘Bonerfarts’ and just get away with swiping at their members only to years later say oh wait we were wrong.

Well I have seen the Toxic levels of the forums and it is Radioactive, sort of. People keep posting the same complaints and I know for a fact there are some hardworking Devs. on it, but cant announce it to every repeat forum post on here or Reddit or Twitter. Have you seen the tweets “@Battleborn” has made, it is straight up repetitive for quite a bit. I feel like they should tell its consumers/children, “OKAY! WE HEARD YOU AND WE ARE WORKING ON IT SO PLEASE AS A COMMUNITY/FAMILY CAN WE SETTLE DOWN WHILE ITS BEING WORKED ON!” also I would be glad to make sub-forum tabs just to put all the repeats in one pile and once that issue is fixed delete all of them right after so the forum does not have a history of “Toxicity.”

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We don’t know for a fact they are working on all of the issues.

We only know some are being addressed. There’s still more that need to be acknowledged.

Isn’t it down to gearbox to worry about this?
Funnily, I have just been looking for feedback from gearbox about bug fixes, patch content etc. But I can’t find much at all, maybe people will stop always complaining about same stuff if it was easier to find info relevant to there problems.
You said you know for a fact that hardworking devs are ‘on it.’. How do you know this, is it in the forum somewhere? because i cant stand anymore of that dev tracker, it has next to no DEV in it.

They don’t know and there is no info.

It’s a problem and likely won’t change, though it needs to.

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:sob: sorry, i know i am repeating same thing in multiple threads but all i want is some information, they say patch is on the way…they must know whats in it…?

and thanks for feedback, on multiple posts :slight_smile: