Stop bloody complaining!

Alani and some as of yet described fix to the overgrowth sniper exploit. Some galilea changes. Thats the bulk of it.

Don’t you know that voicing your support and faith in GBX on the GBX forums is cardinal sin??? :joy:

Enough Proof for yah?


Yeah… No

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I totally agree with you that the “Dis game sucks/Overwatch will kill Battleborn/■■■■ Gearbox” threads are worthless. I’m sick of them too.

But “Broken/OP/fix this” threads are one of main reasons why this forum even exists. As long as it’s constructive GBX want all our feedback, including our criticism.

Oh right, thanks, So I need to write to 2K support with every issue and then I will get a letter back?

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You betcha’

and to not take your response with a grain of Salt it was good intention: Nothing would be done if the Gearbox team had to sift through piles of tickets at once. Instead have someone categorize them and if its a duplicate they will not need to look up every minute to see the same report over and over, but have them in a queue like fashion of which issue shall be fixed first with no repeats.

more than 2 weeks. A number of aussie players like me still cant even get into the game due to the server issue.
We paid. We have every rights to complain.


Uh no, because that’s not the only goddamn issue or exploit.

They’ve known about sniper exploit on overgrowth for over a month.

Only just now does it get fixed, in that month of time NEW exploits have cropped up. No acknowledgement.

They need to fix them faster.


Sorry, you lost me. Are you saying my response was bad? I just asked for the sake of clarity, I normally would write to support if i had a game breaking issue, not so much for a minor annoyance is all.

No, you got it right, just thought you were being serious and not sarcastic which i knew you were.

Oh, yeah I guess it was kind of both sarcasm and a legitimate question when i look at it again, it just happened, wasn’t intentional.

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I’m an Aussie. I have no trouble finding a game and though I red-bar most of the time half a second or so of lag is manageable for now. Not ideal, but manageable until the problem is fixed. Only occasionally do I rubber band across the map into death, those games are few and far between. I play with a lot of Aussies from all over Australia, some have ADSL I have NBN but there’s no difference in server performance and none experience the same problems spoken about on here. I’m not sure if it’s just a gross over-exaggeration, but I’ve yet to experience these problems.
But I’ll keep playing the game and wait for the appropriate fixes to be made.


Is it any better? I was looking into it just yesterday.

@Btxddd Aussie here too. I haven’t had too much trouble finding matches, but I get your frustration. If my server issues extended to not even finding a match I would have shelved this game weeks ago. The framerate drops, lag, and constant server fails are more than enough to test my patience. You can check out a couple of snippets of my daily struggle here

Yeah as far as I know where we are from gets the worst lag in the game. I just had a few PvE games and while it was red bar I didn’t get any rubberbanding. I actually think it’s getting better.

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Significantly. If you live in an area where NBN is available, get it. Just take an ISP other than Telstra, they’ve crashed four times this year already. Late last week Telstra’s whole west coast server went dark.

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Apparently it’ll be rolling out here later this year, according to the only information I could find on Google which was a local paper article from over a year ago. Needless to say, I’m not holding my breath lol. I’ll definitely be lining up as soon as it is available though. Are the upload speeds better on NBN than the asymmetrical lines we’ve been stuck with?

I should clarify for everyone as the title and opening statement of this thread is somewhat misleading and that’s my mistake.

Constructive criticism is a good thing, any game needs it, but posts like “X is OP fix it” aren’t helping anything. If there’s a problem, at least explain it in detail and even offer a resolution to said problem. Complaining about Gali but not offering any reasons why you think she’s broken or even a possible solution is just a wasted post.
Furthermore, there are a LOT of threads about Gali and sigh Marquis, do we really need a new one every day? I don’t see why we can’t just expand on an old thread instead of having dozens of new posts about the same thing. We all know what the problem is, let’s help the Devs figure out a way to fix it instead of a snide one liner that explains nothing or a rant about how angry you are with no real explanation why or what could be done about it.

Sorry, and thanks for your replies to this point.


wasn’t the west coast smashed by storms late last week? I thought I saw a video on Facebook of flooding in perth.