Stop breaking the UI


I’m mainly a lurker here ‘used to be active in the BL 1 days tho with a diff username’ and a BL 3 player since day 1.

Generally I don’t complain often but this is just getting on my nerves and I’m honestly annoyed with it.

Ever since the relase of the game I always had random issues with the user interface in the game, be it the inventory or the map menu/fast travel, whatever.

I’m using a 21:9 Ultrawide ‘2560x1080’ monitor and an update sometime around the second DLC completely broke everything.
Like I couldn’t see the Guardian perks properly nor the Mayhem modifier panel and also had issues selecting the right fast travel points on the map.
For example I had no idea for a while that I can reset the Mayhem mods with Q cause it was cut off the screen.

Then one update fixed it and it was all good for a while but now after Season Pass 2 the inventory is bugged again and when I press ESC/TAB it just does nothing and I have to like spam it to get out of my inventory.

Needless to say with the new gamemode I have to open my inventory often to check my gear and whatnot and being stuck in my inventory panel is quite annoying.

I don’t have too many complaints about the game but these UI issues are getting to me…


Agree. I’ve noticed UI issues since day 1, some consistent and some random. This latest hotfix feels like it improved menu performance, but I still struggle to swap out weapons or mark them junk/favorite. This just worked in Borderlands 1 and 2.

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A lot of games do not play nice with ultra wide monitors. I have a 34" 2560x1080 that is just sitting in a closet because it’s too much trouble to fix your games around it.
I use a 2k monitor now and it’s awesome. Gonna upgrade to a 4k and use my 2k as my secondary here pretty soon, whenever 3080s restock along with 4k monitors.

Yea I know that some games don’t like it, most of the time I can make it work with config file editing or HEX editor/flawless widescreen software also works with some older games.

I picked a UltraWide monitor when I upgraded my monitor last year cause I think they look great and singleplayer games are even more immersive on this.
I also don’t play comepetitive games so I don’t care about that issue.

But thats beside the point here, the thing is that BL 3 did work perfectly fine at certain times between updates/DLCs.

Its just that they keep breaking something with the UI almost every damn time theres an update, like don’t fix something that aint broken style.


Yep I remember the weapon mark/swap issue, that was also annoying and thanks to that I once sold one of my good guns accidently cause I marked it trash w/o even noticing.

Yeh. Also, they changed “drop weapon” from holding X to just pressing Q