Stop breaking this game

Please stop breaking the game. I used to love it, now I’m thinking of uninstalling it. I spend the whole of the last month farming for the perfect yellowcake, tuned my moze build at mayhem 10 around it, then you nerf it, AFTER the even ends, now my mayhem 10 moze build is crap. The game is crap, there is 1 weapon you can use at mayhem 10, out of the billions available. Grenades don’t scale, shields don’t scale. Bosses and badasses are bullet sponges. Most people can’t play the new takedown as they are running out of ammo.

You took something I loved and you’ve made me hate it. Well done. Who ever is in charge at gearbox, please I’m begging you, just stop. Look at what your doing and find a way to fix this.

Balance the loot pool, give us lots of weapons to choose from, stop nerfing guns because People use them, you made it like that, if there is only one good weapon, why are you surprised that people use it, but don’t nerf it, buff the ones no one uses, because you are slowly but surely alienating your fans, and if they uninstall and move on, not many will come back.



even at their own forum , 99% post are complaining the game . i really dont know why they can ■■■■ up like this


This patch made me give up. I honestly don’t see how they can make this better other than scrap every recent update and bring the game back to original Mayhem 1.0. I know that few of us who give up on the game don’t mean ■■■■ to GB but if they keep this up that number will increase.


last patch is a bad joke? In the game, I only feel aggravated in dealing damage to enemies, so where is the fix to last hotfix? :roll_eyes: Now I’m very happy that I haven’t bought any DLC yet, I refuse to support this game destruction!


all they have to do is fix the god damn loot system, then it will also fix difficulty issue , load time . because we will not be wasting more time before actually enjoy all those “content”

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Yes, but as we can see they seem to be determined on not fixing it, they make up stupid excuses and straight out lie. They say no more nerfs, that they will allow weapons to feel good, and yet here we are, more nerfs with a lazy excuse that they are overperforming when in reality everything else is underperforming. Same with drops, they say drop chances increased when they really are not. Every patch or hotfix notes are just lies. It seems like they just don’t want to make it work or they really are incompetent, if so i am amazed at how they actually made the damn game. Something about their communication just rubs me the wrong way.

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Let them do whatever they want. New content - balancing - rebalancing - rebalancing - new content - balancing - rebalancing - no more use in playing!

There are plenty other games, sorry borderlands.

I wish I could get a prorated refund on DLC 3 & 4 and just uninstall the game once and for all. I won’t be pre-ordering DLC ever again for any game

The paid dlc and the cartels have been rather well enjoyable, and Maliwan Takedown become decent after a fair amount of spit and polish. If I could pay them money to give me the option to revert back to the old Mayhem 4, I honestly would at this point.