Stop casual stomping, it's despicable

Sorry in advance if I’m breaking some forum rules here, but please forum moderator staff understand that I’m doing this with the interests of the community in mind.

Now, in this screenshot you will see myself and @Ryballs queued together in the casual playlist just looking for a casual game, hence casual playlist. On the opposing team you will see members of Team Draconic and Team Stunlock, “pro” teams who compete in tournaments, Draconic Force even won the recent Reddit tournament. In this casual game on Temples, they rounded us up and pushed us back to the spawn within the opening two minutes and spent the rest of the game camping outside the spawn point preventing us from leaving our base and actually playing the game in any way. I have screenshots of this too, I wont share them here but if anyone would like to see the proof I’d happily share them or you could just check these guys’s Twitch channels.

This sort of behaviour is just disgusting, they’ve been doing this since the casual playlist was introduced and the proof is on their Twitch channels, this sort of stuff is all they stream and they shame the players they defeat. This is what the competitive lobby was introduced for, but these “competitive” teams just stomp the casual playlist all day and brag about their conquests. This is a huge detriment to new players who want to experience the game for the first time or get away from the more competitive players and just play a CASUAL game where team composition and meta-game are unimportant. This has been the experience since the changed playlists, I can’t play in the competitive playlist without a full party as my team gets stomped and I can’t play in the casual playlist because high-tier teams are just out to stomp new or less experienced teams for their own enjoyment and to entertain their followers. This is not casual, there either needs to be a way to bar parties from the casual playlist or stop players with a high ELO from entering or this will continue to happen. Games like this only happened every so often with the old matchmaking system, but this is a common occurrence with the current system. If it were my decision, I’d go the extra mile and give these players a lifelong ban from playing the game, they’re detrimenting to the community for their own amusement and they’ll continue to do so as long as they can play this game.

I can’t enjoy the game when I’m forced to play in a full party if I’m to have any hope of winning, and I’m sure a lot of newer players and even forum members have experienced this and feel the same way. I played the CTT, I played the beta at launch, I stayed up to play Alani at launch, I encouraged a lot of my friends to play this game with me and I’ve got a pretty solid sub-community, but a lot of us are pretty pissed off over these sorts of games and if this continues not only will your playerbase not grow you will lose dedicated fans who have been here since the beginning. This isn’t another “I’m leaving because of ‘X’” post. This is a devoted fan expressing extreme disappointment not toward Gearbox, but the playerbase that is degrading fast as the FPS and MOBA communities come to Battleborn and bring with them the level of toxicity seen in many other games of those genres that wasn’t here when we started.

@JoeKGBX I feel this is something that has to be addressed in some way, my best suggestion would be an ELO system that prevents high ranked players or premades from entering the casual playlist, but that’s not my field nor my place I just want to see something done to prevent these people from ruining the experience for others.


This is why I expressed concern about the names of the queues. It is far more likely for completely new players to be roflstomped in the “casual” queue and they will likely have more fun and learn more by going into the “competitive” queue.

I agree what they did is terrible. Having said that, it seems like there is a map design issue. They shouldn’t be able to spawn camp like that (and this isn’t the first time I’ve heard of this happening).


Well documented and well presented. They ought to be ashamed of themselves and I’m sure @Jythri will be interested in this situation.


It occurs to me that their whole reason for doing this was to get the “Old Man Cranky” title (which shouldn’t exist in the manner it does, IMO) for those that didn’t have it. People should not be encouraged to ruin the experience for others for the sake of some stupid title. Just my 2 bits.


The ranked modes have been pretty competitive so far. It can take awhile but it’s worth it.

I think the reporting system should get some teeth in cases like this and quietly force pubstomping premades into ranked matches.

:unamused: Unfortunately situations like this give the rest of us (3/4/5 man pre-made) a bad name. I’ve gone “lone wolf” against full pre-mades that have even backed off a bit after a strong first push. A rather noble gesture.

When the 4 of us from last night encountered a full random and/or low CR group, 2 or 3 of our players would just pick someone we don’t normally use. It doesn’t fully level the playing field but it helps.

I’ve also seen full pre-mades get completely steam rolled and not even call for a surrender. They stick it out so at least you can enjoy the rest of your game. Losing sucks but so does winning in the first 5 minutes.

I’ve fortunately never encountered spawn campers, but I definitely see your frustration. In the bigger picture there’s more “player friendly” groups than there are not. You kind of have to take the bad with the good even if it totally sucks.


I prefer this topic to the few others that treat the Casual vs Premades issue. Issue isn’t on the “premades” per se but rather people specifically aimed at destroying the fun for the other players, by way of behaviours such as @Slif_One is describing here. Either by purposefully stomping on people that didn’t ask for this, exploiting a map potential design issues, or just by being douches.

I expressed concerns about the names of the queues too, right after the battleplan was issued, because it’s just not misleading. People have their own definition of “casual”, and “competitive” is scary. Frankly, I still stick to my preference of having a “first available” queue AND the old system ( queueing for a specific mode ), with a unified ELO rating instead of one ELO per mode.
Maybe I’m missing something in how it would work, but it’s simple and … well, efficient. I guess.


Wow, those guys are real A-holes for doing that. They should be finding ways to better the community, not beat it into a corner.

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I’ve been there too, solo against a full party and had some incredible wins. I almost always play in a full party myself but we’re not all tryhard “pro” players and we like to play different characters or try unorthodox composition, like tonight we ran full support, full Eldrid, and full Jennerit, just for shiggles. Occasionally you stomp and occasionally you get stomped, it happens, we only really get serious when matched against other premades and especially against groups we know of or have played before. But when something like this happens it’s just disgraceful. The moment I saw them I knew what was coming, I even got on team chat to warn the other guys, two of them quit as soon as we were pushed to spawn. At least I knew what was going to happen, the other three guys were care-free and confident but as soon as it happened two of them left and though I normally speak out against quitters I can’t fault them, what else could we have done? Four of them held us back while the fifth farmed the Varelsi when they spawned and we were already held as base by then and two men down.

This. It wasn’t perfect, but it was good. We could choose our preferred mode, now people frequently quit as soon as the game launches and I can only assume it’s because they got a mode they don’t like. That’s bad sportsmanship, I don’t fault Gearbox for that, this was a great idea and I totally agree with the decision to split playlists in this way but the downfall is the people playing who disconnect from games before they start or teams stomping casuals. This was predicted before the playlist was even split, if only people could just be kind and not act in such a belligerent way, but alas that is a tall order…


yeah its a little strange to me.

i dont know why people think stomping some1 100-0 or whatever is fun, but to each their own.

i havent even played a single game today because i always get matched vs premades and i just leave matchmaking before game starts becaus ei dont like getting roflstomped… i just dont!

Theres nothing casual about forming a group of 5 in a pvp video game, sorry but i just disagree with anyone who says otherwise.

Pretty sure the report function that’s coming will really come in handy with players like that


ive seen this guys twitch stream before. he takes pride in “stomping noobs” and he brags about having 95% win rate (playing against “noobs” of course)

honestly i think this young man would get more respect if he stomped other premades instead of “noobs”


It couldn’t come soon enough :frowning:

They participate in tournaments and act like it’s a big deal when the competitive scene surrounding BB is in its infancy and only a handful of truly competitive teams even exist… Between tournaments though they do things like this game after game so I say if they’re going to shame us then we should do the same and let them know that this sort of thing is unacceptable and unwanted in our community.

I have another competitive player on my friend list and I’ve played against his team before, they all wish me good luck pre-game and say good game post-game no matter the outcome, no saltyness and no toxicity just a few guys who like playing the game and like to play casually as well as competitively and enjoy the game regardless with good attitudes.


Nope though the fact that it’s coming is something I can appreciate

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Just one of many bad choices that’s going to put this game six feet under.

If there was ever a glalery for entertainment pieces with incredible potential to be mega-hits, ruined by an unending chain of bad decisions then Battleborn would be one of its centrepieces.

They could put systems in place to actually counter this, but they’re so interested and invested in being the pro eSports game that Battleborn shouldn’t be that they’re just destroying the game to follow that vision. Meanwhile, the rest of us have to sit on the sidelines and watch them shred a brilliant game to pieces because some people who shouldn’t be handling this game are making very misguided decisions.

Frankly, Battleborn – at its core – is a casual take on the old Unreal Tournament/Quake school of shooters. If they knew what they were doing, they would have capitalised on that. Instead, they’re trying to be Overwatch by making everyone glass cannons (which is what all the nerfs do in every instance) with low TTKs. They’re trying to bend over backwards to appease ‘pro players’ and screwing up the experience for casual players.

I don’t know. The whole game feels like one giant mess at the moment. I don’t even know if it’s redeemable any more. And frankly, when it comes to PvE balancing, they could pick up a hobo off the street and put them in charge and they couldn’t do a worse job.

That’s how low my faith in them is right now. I’m actually angry at them for ruining a great game.

If they’d just drop this eSports charade, they could unlink PvP and PvE, PvE and PvP could have dedicated and casual-focused balancing teams, and there could be systems in place to actually deal with this sort of thing. Let Overwatch be the compeittive game, it’s going for that. Don’t fight that game. Try to make yourself individual by going for the casual audience. ‘A badass for every badass,’ right? So draw in a diverse audience!

If they could make a statement like that, the few ‘pro’ teams hanging on here would probably lose interest. It’d be a shift toward something better. It’d make the game more like Splatoon, and they’d likely even get a playerbase as giant as Splatoon’s, then.

As a suggestion, they could allow players to ‘mark’ people as pro players who’re outside of their skill level, which would allow people to handle rank balance manually. You just mark someone as being undesirable to play with (not because they’re a bad person, but because you didn’t enjoy the game), and that only applies for you. After that point you won’t see them again. Players could mark the ‘pro’ teams and that’d be fine.

But… they’ll keep chasing this eSports dream and destroying the game whilst doing so.

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This match with @Slif_One was one of my first PvP matches since the new queuing system was implemented. We chose casual queue because there’s only two of us and we were in the mood for a fun easygoing match. However the opposing team in this match wasn’t going to let that happen…

Everything they did from choosing the casual queue to capture mode appeared to be with the sole intention of spawn camping and completely humiliating us. This was something I’ve seen a lot in other games, but hadn’t really experienced much of it in Battleborn until now. These guys want to ruin the game for other people.

Coming across a team like this in casual mode is ridiculous. They were the complete opposite of casual.


I suppose if they get a reputation for this, folks could just not play with them. I usually don’t advocate DC, but if everyone always quit when they saw those names in casual, they would probably get the message.

That, or commenting on their streams that they are targeting casuals and winning against new players is nothing they should be proud of.


This has been my experience as well, soloing; i win several games straight in the competitive lobby, AGAINST MOSTLY RANDOMS, then step into the casual lobby once and get rolled by a five-man pre-made. What was Gearbox thinking? Either they need to turn the casual lobby into old-school COD’s “Mercenary” lobby (no groups allowed), or change the matchmaking back to the way it was. New players are going to pick this game up, play a half dozen matches on -using Dr. Evil finger-quotes- “Casual Mode”, then sell it.

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I don’t think this is entirely true, I think the roster is more diverse than Overwatch’s and this idea is based on the assumption that Battleborn and Overwatch are competing which is just a gaming-media circus and not at all true. They’ve been compared and pit against each other but they’re not in any direct competition, they’re different games with some similarities. As for the eSports thing, it’s the competitive players within the community who are trying to start this up and some small gaming leagues are showing interest but that’s on the formation of competitive teams and small tournaments, not GBX. I like the idea, not the toxicity that it generates, but it was inevitable that some would begin to form a meta-game and play competitively, BB is after all an FPS/MOBA and both genres are known for competition and toxicity. Anyway this is all off topic, that’s just my opinion formulated through observation and experience.

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