Stop casual stomping, it's despicable

I feel the same way. Moral context matters to me: I don’t as a general principle object to Oscar Mike stealthing into base and dropping his ult on the sentry, but if the strategy is used to “steal” a sudden win in the game’s closing seconds - and especially if the other team has refrained from using similar tactics, and has played well and fairly - then it’s an unattractive tactic.

The question I always feel I need to ask: is this fun for everyone? I’ve experimented with Gali lately, paired with a friend who plays a brilliant Miko, and there are games where that combo definitely felt a little bit dirty, simply because the other team had no capacity to overcome us. Yet sometimes, with the same tactic, we were matched or beaten, and so I didn’t feel unclean for using it - I was just able to enjoy the synergy between the characters and the fact that Galilea with a healer is a ton of fun to play.

And as a rule, the close (or even lost) games were generally the more entertaining.


Hold on Why would I wait in these 50 mins ques i literally waited in a 50 min que to get nothing so I’d rather play normals with viewers just cause im better than you doesnt mean its my fault that i beat you its a game what do you want me to do not PLAY!


Ugh. I wish they had just said matched and unmatched. “Competitive” has no more to do with skill level than “casual”.

Repeat after me:

Competitive queue is for balanced matches.

If people are avoiding the competitive queue because they think they aren’t skilled enough, you’ve got it all wrong. In the competitive queue you will be matched with people close to your own skill level, WHATEVER THAT SKILL LEVEL HAPPENS TO BE.

I am not a great player. I Had an absolutely fantastic meltdown match earlier. The team I was on fell behind early, but we made a strong comeback and had a narrow victory. It wasn’t totally even across all 10 players, as there seemed to be some skill variance between players, but overall it was a well-balanced, tense, and super fun match.

“Competitive” is for more balanced matches, not for pro players. The “casual” queue is the same terrible matchmaking people have complained about for weeks that just puts you into a match as quickly as possible with no regard for skill level.

The competitive queue will take a little longer to match you up, but for me at least, it has been well worth the wait so far.

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I’m going to jump in right now and put in my two cents.

I’m Leviathan, a member of Engaged eSports (formerly Draconic Force; our orgs merged). The first day that competitive and casuals came out, we played all competitive matches.

Day 2, Spotlight was introduced. As a result, we were forced to either queue into competitive, and never receive a game, or queue into spotlight on Incursion Overgrowth, which none of us enjoy. But since the majority of the higher end of casuals (what one may refer to as actual pub stompers rather than competitive players) prefer Incursion, attempting getting into a queue in the Competitive Play resulted in an almost hour long queue time with no sign of other teams.

Day 3, we tried spotlight. 7 minute queue with no sign of others, so we hopped to Competitive. 15 minute queue, no sign of other lifeforms. Then, and ONLY THEN, we went to casuals for several hours BECAUSE IT IS THE ONLY THING WE CAN GET INTO IN A REASONABLE TIME FRAME.

There are also things such as viewer games (in which three or four of us queue with people from Twitch chat to get them OMC for them), which we do in casuals. But for the most part we’d all enjoy much closer games. The problem is that, 90% of the time, even if we do get a match after long waits in ranked, most of the time it is the same result to our end of things (a stomp in our favor). We actually received some pretty close matches in casuals today because, guess what, everyone else with high ELOs is swapping to casuals so they can actually play the game they purchased too. If we had enough people on to scrim, sure, we could’ve done that. But we didn’t have the proper people to, and thus didn’t.

This shaming process is absolutely ridiculous. There is nothing wrong with what we were doing. In. The. Slightest.


Sorry to single you out, @Misguided, I just figured I’d reply to the most recent post which illustrates what I’m trying to say.

This thread is getting way off-topic with discussion about Competitive queues and Casual queues. The OP illustrates what many of us consider to be unsportsmanlike conduct. No matter what a person thinks the different queue labels mean, or whether or not making fun of the other team or spawn camping is “against the rules” is irrelevant to the thread topic.

What is relevant is that a select group of people seem intent on pounding people into the dirt for their own amusement without regard to how they are, quite literally, infringing on other peoples’ right to enjoy this game. This is what the OP says is despicable and I agree.

As a community, it might be a good idea to establish whether or not that “win at all costs” element is acceptable.


It’s totally cool and you are right, I just feel that propagating this misconception is hurting the game.

I just started a new thread, though, with part of that post. It can be found here:

Continuing the discussion from PSA: "competitive" queue is for all skill levels:


This is why I queue in casual. I don’t want to be forced into some meta-game every match, sometimes I want to experiment with unusual and unorthodox characters and builds.

I get your point, my suggestion may not be the ideal way to go about MM changes. But the current system allows for good players to punish those who aren’t as good by doing things like this. It’s deliberate and malicious, this isn’t some competitive eSports but there is a playlist for those who fancy themselves otherwise, their choosing to humiliate and disgrace new or less skilled “casual” players is simply unacceptable and I’d like to see a system in place that prevents this from happening.

This is what I was trying to describe but I lack the eloquency lol.

I think an acceptable resolution to a great deal of lopsided games is that there should be a another mode added to casual and competitve where if u r in a premade/group of 3 or more then you are assigned to a specific lobby only against another premade/group of 3 or more ( I say 3 because that would mean over half the team was in a group). Then leave the regular casual and competitve modes to randoms and 2 or below premades.

Malicious? i just want to play the damn game im not waiting 50 min ques cause you cant even win in a ranked game and choose to play pubs yoU are actually known to pubstomp but ooook

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I am goochMob by the way and i don’t respect the hate from slif like dude you had a five man team jackass you wanted to pubstomp and my team of pretty much randoms stopped you in your tracks with your hypocritical theories of me being a malicious pub stomper

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@Slif_One To clear things up, in the picture you posted, one person is from Engaged (formerly Draconic) - Gooch. Yugito is from Stunlock, and neither of the other three are from teams. Two of them I don’t even recognize, so I’m 90% sure they were viewers, but you’d have to ask Gooch about that. And then Godhymself isn’t on a team that I’m aware of (I believe he was a regular viewer that ended up becoming pretty good friends with everyone, but, again, you’d have to ask Gooch. I don’t wish to speak for him, but I will say what I know and believe to be the case).

Pushing your false narrative about “unsportsmanlike conduct” doesn’t make the narrative true.

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I will leave it alone after this (because Elaura is right) but the other queue would be a better place to do that. Ignore the queue names. The match that started this thread would never have happened in the other queue.


A little off-topic, but I’ve played one match against you… you were El Dragon, and you destroyed our team despite it being 3v5. It was honestly pretty amazing. Far from being annoyed, I was more sympathetic: it must be tough to find a fair match when you’re just that good at that game.

I don’t think there’s necessarily any villains in this… just people trying to enjoy the game in an environment that makes it really hard for us to all fit together.


Being in a team =/= “pubstomper”. However, how you talk to people, play the game and generally behave can earn you the title.


I am? Really? Prove your claim, please, if you can.

I was in a 2-man, which is clear in the screenshot, and I know some of the players you were with, they were not randoms. Don’t call me a hypocrite then blatantly lie.

You don’t respect the hate, woe is you, I don’t respect you stomping new players then bragging about it and insulting them, it’s all over Twitch so stop pretending otherwise.

I’ve never matched against you so I can’t speak for you, but other players in your “team” have been doing this since day one of the casual playlist and there is proof of that.

Yo im going to need you to chill with this post because I myself play with Gooch and a few of the engaged members every now and then and even if we do get in to a competitive match it’s the same results either way you this post are hilarious you talk like your so high mighty with morals in this game but you play casual as well and as I recall you compete in tournaments as well so how can you blast someone else when you do the same thing

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How i talk? im mad as hell that i got on and saw a huge hate post about me and people backing him up lol ? i usually solo que is it my fault that im good at a video game

For everyone reading, I am a part of Engaged Esports, formerly known as Draconic Force. I go by Xanthos and I have posted many times here and on the Reddit, explaining my views on different matters and my personal opinions as well aa offering free tips and coaching to people. I spend hours working with Helix Gamer League a week trying to promote a competitive scene. I talk reguarly with people who want to this game to grow, casually and competitively whether those people are Gearbox Employees, Casual Players or Competitive players or the hard working people who set up tournaments for the community.

This post is absolutely apalling. It actually disgusts me because I have been supporting this game since it was released in Game Informer back in 2014. This community that I have been a part ofand actively participating within since the beginning of this year after playing the CTT. The game and community that I was hyping my friends to come try and purchase during the Open Beta. I feel like I have been slapped in the face.

Any of you can hop in to Goochs stream every single day and see for yourselves how devoted this man is to seeing this game grow. He is one of the most chill and relaxed people I have ever met in my life. He plays with viewers, answers questions from his chat and tries to give everyone playing with him a good time. A little glimpse of what a high level player looks like. Instead of helping to support a person who is trying to grow the game we all are playing, you, the community are bashing him for playing the game how it is meant to be played.

In The Competitive and Other queue they released day 2, we stomp people. I can post pictures of 500-10, 500-30, 500-80s. This isnt a rare occurence either. This is 48/50 games. In the queues that are supposed to be a competitive setting. Now we sit in queues for 30 minutes or longer to find a game and within 10 minutes the game has been decided due to us stomping and winning by points or us stomping and the enemy team having players quit the match. Mind you, this isnt even with our full 5 man team playing together. At most its 3 of us, maybe for a hour, 4 of us.

So we go to Casual because at least we can get quicker queues. They all end the same anyways. Stomps. So tell me, Slif, what should we play when we cause people to surrender or leave the match in the middle of the game in all 3 modes? Should we play the mode that has us wait 30 minutes for a match or the mode that has us wait 3 minutes for a match.

You believe us spawn camping people is bad and horrible and we should be banned for it? Its a competitive multiplayer game. Even in Casual queue, the objective is to win the game. Why wouldnt we do everything in our power to win the game? I dont enjoy stomping people or teams. I hate it because i zone out and am not really focused on what is going on in front of me. I would love to have close games every single match. Right now that isnt feasible so we play the Mode that has the highest chance of us finding a game in the quickest amount of time possible.