Stop catering to lazy children!

I’m sick and tired of all the ‘boss melting’ trees. Make the game a damn challenge (for everyone). As much as I hated slag in Borderlands 2, at least Ultimate Vault Hunter was a challenge. Now you’ve got players so overpowered, they’re basically speed running boss fights (and that’s ON Mayhem modes).


It’s challenging enough for me, thanks. I’d rather it not be rendered unplayable for me to cater to masochists who want the game to spank them harder. So bring on the “boss melting skill trees” that I almost certainly won’t find OVERpowered.


Time to quit and find another game.


Kinda sounds like a continuation of my own topic, lol
I’d say, stop catering to kids in general… last I checked:


Last time I checked, Borderlands isn’t Dark Souls.


Doesn’t have to be Dark Souls (And it isn’t) But if you really want to one shot everything like I previously said, use cheats, let people play a balanced game.
I’m not training myself E-sports style and I manage fine, I’ve done Maliwan Takedown and even True Maliwan Takedown with all characters and was fine, Guardian Takedown, I haven’t done a lot, or rather just once or twice and never completed it because I can’t be bothered by the crystal mechanics and not going to use OP tricks to get a massive advantage, but people who train to do it well should be able to, it shouldn’t be a walk in the park, I’d say, make Maliwan Takedown harder even just like Guardian Takedown. Also, Guardian Takedown is not interesting enough for me in terms of loot. Also can’t be bothered to coop this, because I don’t have anyone to play it with, either people who barely play it who I know (And don’t cheat) or public games with people who cheat ALWAYS, and to make matters worse you have to wait for them a few hours to join even if I would ever say meh.
Yeah, we want balance so we can play the game and feel it being rewarding. People who are stuck with OP stuff don’t understand that even if you’re playing balanced, you can still kill stuff. Including Takedown bosses (Which is supposed to be tough… and rewarding, obviously).


Absolutely agree. If people wanted an easy game, they shouldn’t venture into mayhem mode. Mayhem should be for those who want more of a challenge, similar to OP levels in BL2. Instead, the base game seems laughably easy and mayhem 10 has no challenging bosses whatsoever. I miss fighting the old school raid bosses that were challenging and quite rewarding. You just don’t get the same feeling from killing Wotan or trekking through the guardian takedown, despite how fun the boss Anathema boss fight is, imo. Having said that, I don’t know how they could go about fixing this without pissing off most of the games current fanbase. Introducing more mayhem levels won’t do it and nerfing every character and weapon would be a big mistake as well. increasing enemy health could possibly do it but I think most players strongly dislike the bullet sponge enemies from DLC 4 so idk if this is a viable solution. For the record, I’m okay with the skill trees, I just dislike how easy the game seems to be currently. I just look at enemies and shoot an elemental weapon and sustainment keeps me alive indefinitely while I’m doing tons of damage. At least in BL2 you had to switch to the grog to heal and debuff enemies, which made it more mindful than BL3’s current meta.

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I think there are ways to add “mayhem” and a challenge without everything becoming a bullet sponge, but I think at this point Gearbox is too committed to make these changes. For example instead of the current “modifiers” you could have more meaningful modifiers like:

Zerg Rush One of the most enjoyable things about Borderlands is that occasional feeling of being an absolute bada$$- So exploit that. Use Zerg rushes (large groups of lower level enemies that are easily defeated, but can overwhelm with sheer numbers and consume resources (Ammo) ) Make the player have to conserve ammo and use more tactics to deal with the sheer numbers and have enough left to fight the actual bad guys behind.

Bring the Rain Improve the AI- have it call for reinforcements (Like the cartel did) , try to flank the player, call in air support (Rakk’s, jet pack troopers etc)

Fly Like an Eagle Low gravity areas would add a new dynamic, and allow SLAM to actually be useful

Storming the Castle Have more fortified areas, where cover becomes more important, make the player feel like they are assaulting an area not just running full tilt (NO FRIGGING MOVING ROCKS to jump on)

You Win or you Die Create alliances, example Maybe in no Mayhem when I assault the Maliwan base I am just Fighting Maliwan, but in Mayhem 2 or 3 now the COV have teamed up with Maliwan and now I have to change tactics to fight multiple enemies instead of them simply becoming bullet sponges (whose idea was that anyways, only one to profit would be that war profiteer Marcus…hmnnn Borderlands Conspiracy theory) This kind of change would change the tactics, have those bug things crawling out of the wall, COV screaming at you while Maliwan digs in, it would change the dynamics, with existing models. By Mayhem 6 you could be fighting the bugs, Maliwan, bots etc. Player would be more challenged and have to resort to cover, changing load-outs, conserving ammo etc.

Where is a dragon when you need it? , add auto turrets and defense systems to areas, one more already existing model that would lead to another challenge that does not need to be made from scratch (think Dahl turrets with repair drones,.)

Constructor Revolution Bring back Constructors - In previous BL games these guys could be a real challenge with the right backup

RoboNinja’s The big baddy from TPS has found an abandoned Hyperion Facility and is cranking out Insecure Clingy Ninja Claptraps- Stealth capabilities, All of TPS’s ridiculous abilities for Claptrap etc. That’s right, you get another chance to shoot Claptrap in the face

Enter The Matrix Finally, Echocast recordings get interesting! Everyone wants to know more about characters, companies, monsters, Pandora etc… So, why not pick up that echocast say the one about Moze being in the trenches and suddenly YOU are sucked into the Echocast and fighting alongside a squad of Ironbears- You have to fight your way through the swamp and find yourself a way out of the Matrix- You could be the crazy from the train station traveling underground to fight the aliens with your fists etc… Basic stories are already there, could add more as time goes on. Maybe even give the player the chance to play as a psycho/Maliwan/Traunt/ etc

Anyways - My main point here, I think you could have Mayhem without reinventing the wheel or making everything a bullet soaked slog fest that has you contemplating duct taping the trigger button on your controller to give your finger a break-

What I expected personally from Mayhem was added challenges, not four year old nitrous huffing psyco toddlers throwing out ideas like bullet sponges, you have a big fat head and “the floor is lava”- Use existing proven models rather than investing in creating new ones, it saves resources, saves Gearbox money and gives us new tiers of difficulties.

My two cents hurled into the abyss never to see the light of day…


If you want an actual hard game, turn off all the FFYL Guardian Rank skills and Topped Off. It’s actually refreshing that you have to pay attention to your positioning and utilize cool down rate bonuses.

But yeah it’s crazy how easy mayhem 10 is. Gearbox are going to have to do major balance changes in the next year if they want a harder experience for the more dedicated and hardcore players. With the current state of mayhem scaling and how they give a 42069% buff to a random gun every week, the game will only be getting easier and easier. New skill trees also have my power creep radar going haywire.

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If it’s too easy, play with handicaps. Quit being lazy, and wanting the devs to do everyting for you.


So you want fight a boss for 10 minutes while farming for a specific gun with a specific anoint nope does not sound fun to me .Im not saying its a bad idea but farming with this logic will never work.


Or play with weak weapons superballs and asmd should do the trick better yet the woodblocker lol have fun.


Have you considered not using the “boss melting” trees? I imagine you’ll get plenty of challenge that way.

Think of it like hot and cold. When it’s cold (easy) you can just put on a coat or some nice warm socks to get warm (give yourself a handicap to make things harder). When it’s hot (hard) you can’t escape the heat. You can’t strip off your skin to get any cooler (can’t decrease difficulty to make things manageable or fun for everyone).

Wait so I can take a white or green gun and melt enemies what patch did this?


For me personally, the game is hard at certain modes/events. I don’t have the best guns for my characters or the best builds. I know folks can do like the takedowns and waltz in like it’s nothing and not die. I’m quite the opposite there since I have only completed maliwan takedown once.

Like everyone has their own playstyle but when it comes to tree builds, they are sheep to it. And new builds are always popping up on YouTube that end up being god tier level on the highest Mayhem. it’s too complicated for me

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Lazy or lacking skill?

I am struggling on M5, struggling.
Anything that makes my life easier is welcome.
Over powered, yes please, I’ll have some of that.

Then again I’ve lost interest in the game. Wish I got it on PC and not console so I could mod it.


Come on man, you clearly are confused about the genre of the game if you think challenge isn’t mean to be circumvented at the high end. Even in Diablo and other games of that sort which Borderlands is just a shooter version of, the end goal is to just bulldoze enemies with as little effort and time put in as possible so that you can roll the dice for good loot faster.


Stop respeccing. Create new VH from scratch. Don’t be lazy. If you find boss melting lazy, respeccing is even lazier :grinning:


Diablo 3 has a botters problem.

I’m already doing that. next playthroughs: Zane / Moze / Amara

How are you struggling, explain the word struggle as it relates to your situation?

I totally agree with the original poster.

I have been playing EVERYTHING in the Borderlands franchise since I accidentally discovered it on Steam. I am ALWAYS a solo player (yes… I play with myself), and that is the way I think about these games.

Seriously, I totally 100% agree with the original poster, we need a adult/mature version of these games, so the real adults can keep these damn kids away from OUR gaming

{{{PS: I am a veteran, and am 55 years-old, and I have retired from the military and this is all I do, when I can}}}