Stop charging us for respawns

This is the only game series I’ve played that charges you for respawns.
It’s the single worst part of this game.
Some people work hard to collect money and you fackers take it away for nothing!
Edit, its even worse than before now they dont even give you ammo.
I died a couple times due to ridiculous op badass one shot me. Ammo never went up
This is just another way for them to hinder our forward progress


All that money that is so abundant and isn’t needed for anything. How horrible of them.


Every Borderlands game charges for respawns, it is either you get charged a fee for your safe respawn or your character is completely and utterly removed from the game when it dies.

Imagine a permadeath mode for BL3 :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ve never actually died with no money, does your character get deleted? That would be funnier then hell LOL.

but yeah, every borderlands game has charged you for a respawn. The more you have the bigger the charge.

Personally I think they should leave your gear on your corpse and make you do corpse retrieval =)


No nothing like that happens, it was just a joke. But it makes some sense in world as you are paying hyperion for the respawn.

Speaking of which, where is the money going since Hyperion is technically dead?

That’s what I was thinking. I was hoping it did work that way though would be great =)

I mean the current CEO died, and their space satellite base fell, but I dont think that was the only HQ they had. Not sure apart from that though, my guess is that the manufacturer still exists somewhere at least.

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It’s just a percent of what you have, and you often get ammo refunded to you too. :slight_smile:


I’ll take losing 10% of my money for full ammo any day. Sometimes I kill myself just to refill my ammo. The only thing money is even used for other than SDUs is ammo so :man_shrugging:


Really because it’s never cost me more that 5k to buy more ammo.
Meanwhile they steal 0ver 70k from me on respawns

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And like, at least we don’t have Gaige and her “where did all my anarchy go” type skills. I once actually played a whole hour longer than I wanted to because I was at a really high natural anarchy count and refused to waste it :joy:


Makes no sense whatsoever. Hyperion is dead so should charging for respawns

Oh, cool, so, you have over 7mil. That’s awesome!

No I had almost 800k and they took over 70k which is 10%
You math is a little off

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Yea 10% sounds about right. Youll be fairly relieved once you realize that theres barely anything to spend the money on except SDUs…


I once got 999 stacks of Money is Power (Doppelganger, TPS) just because reasons, then played all night knowing I’d never do it again :joy:


Why not putting your console in Rest Mode and keep the game in background? You’ll never again loose your stacks.

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Oh yeah. My bad. I’ve been dealing with 1% comments for so long I messed up.

But yeah, ten percent is fine :joy:

Come on mate, nobody played TPS that much :rofl: