Stop comparing to Diablo3... Seriously

Stop comparing current D3 to BL3.

If you weren’t there at launch you have no clue how bad D3 was at release… it’s issues dwarfs BL3.

Want a reminder try reading This article

Year 1 of D3 was an utter disaster.


Y1 D3 end game was a disaster you mean lol… Blizzard fixed it shortly after though.
i think people comparing D3 with BL3 is because game falls in same looting killing categories with heavy RNG involved across the board etc etc list goes on…

It is ok to compare and make suggestions, that is how a game evolve to get better right ?


I agree compare for suggestions but people are putting this game down and saying why isn’t it current D3 already… Also realize it too massive efforts and even a payed expansion that cost 2/3rds the price of the original game to be able to get it all fixed… And it wasn’t done in a year.

So this is a post for those thinking it should already be there and how could GBx not have it done or done it at launch… and alot of the overly critical know it alls that may not have even played D3 that long ago

Meant to reply to OP

What they probably mean is to take notes on how D3 deals with loot, rng, and all that jazz. There are stories when Anthem devs didn’t like it when employees mention Destiny during meetings and such. Now look where Anthem is at today. I’m not saying to copy paste ideas, this is where the word “inspiration” comes in.


I was there, it wasn’t.

When I play d3 the rng never feels as bad add it does in bl3. I don’t know why.

Was t a disaster… Everything was RNG even damage and skills on legendary items. You could get a wizard only weapon, with stats in strength and bonus to demon hunter skills. It could also be a level 60 item that did 10dps… The amount of useless gear that dropped. Not BL3 useless… I mean useless… It was 8 years ago you probably forget and were just happy to have Diablo again :stuck_out_tongue:

In the beginning, before the complete overhaul , the drop rate was actually really bad… like others have mentioned, you could be playing a wizard but keep getting barbarian gears etc etc… But that have been fixed later on after the huge loot overhaul, maybe that is what you were remembering… the loot chance for specific character was dramatically increased…

All that was true, but it wasn’t an utter Disaster.

I remember what it was like in the begining, I’m not some brain damaged moron. You guys are making it out far worse than it was.

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Real… Money… Auction… House…


yea the RMAH was a terrible idea lol…

I got diablo 3 on day 1… dont remember much abkjr the Auction house but remember the main issue was a total lack of endgame.

I don’t remember massive bugs or performance issues, dont remember skills not working as intended if at all, dont remember devs saying they will do x and z then instead doing w and y…on top of breaking A and B and needing a patch to fix them …

It was a relatively clean process… plus look at how they handle patches … they release them on a test server for testing and feedback from community, with very detailed patch notes, then make adjustments and fixes before releasing it to the masses

Imagine if GBX had a 2 week PTR test server for Mayhem 2.0… I guarantee none of the issues players noticed on the 1st day would have made it through


I played D3 from day one. the first run throughs with each character were ok, but it didn’t take long to know that there was no effective advancement unless you bought in to the RMAH. Elimination of the RMAH and overhaul of drop rates was what brought me back to D3. Finally, good gear was available to anyone that put in some time to play the game, so I came back for a while. Paid expansions and the Seasons still bring me back, if as much as before.

I agree, GBx could definitely benefit from a PTR… Might have avoided alot of these hot fixes a d even some of the bigger gaffs

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This isn’t the same thing for a variety of reasons:

  1. Diablo 3’s issues were mainly just a product of bad ideas and Blizzard not initially understanding how to make a compelling end game, because there weren’t a lot of examples back then. The game itself though was still quite polished and functioned properly. BL3s issues run much deeper than just poor ideas alone. There is a fundamental lack of programming ability and QA at work and the game as a whole feels like an unpolished, broken mess of matchmaking that doesn’t work, performance issues, skills and gear that don’t scale as intended or function properly, etc.

  2. As I said above, Diablo 3 is old. 8 years ago, the blueprint for how to do things in this genre was a lot more underdeveloped. There were not a lot of looters available to pull ideas from back then since the genre was really just emerging into mainstream at the time; so it’s a bit more understandable that Blizzard messed some things up when they were trying to innovate and come up with new ideas. None of this is true or a valid excuse now though - at least not for how bad this game’s current state has become. There are an absolute truck load of good ideas and design principles they could have pulled from other loot games that have come out in the last 8 years, and yet it feels like they have ignored all of them. When GoldenEye came out in 1998, the clunky controls were understandable because developers were still trying to figure out FPS games on consoles. However, if a game came out today and controlled like that, it would be ridiculous. This game’s end game feels like the equivalent of GoldenEye controls.

  3. D3 did not continuously break things further with each subsequent patch. And they DID fix everything, including redesigning their entire end game. GBX does not exactly have Blizzards track record in this area, so color me a lot more skeptical here.



A blue print for a viable end game that kept a looter based game alive and well for 8 years already exists…Blizzard Took that bullet for the industry. It’s hard for me to imagine no one at GBX played Diablo 3 end game and saw how well it worked.

That has always been the way blizzard handles patch process… goes live after PTR

It’s a great process. I actually participated on my first one for the last two weeks. It was so cool being in a small group of “elites” who were given a preview of the upcoming patch/ season haha

for sure it is… it is also a hint to people that when something hits the PTR, it means patch is coming !!! exciting time back in the days…

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