Stop complaining, deande is GREAT!

Ok, so I decided to start messing around with deande, and I just think she is amazing. You guys all complain about how she sucks in team fights and is too squishy, which is absolutely true. But you guys also fail to recognize her strengths.

She is one of the most mobile characters in the game with her sprinting off hand melee. This can be used to get away from people or jump over obstacles. On overgrowth, she can get into the back entrance of the enemy base this way. She also has lot of life steal, great solo ability, and a free escape in holotwin. Knowing that these are your strengths, you should form a game plan that capitalizes on them rather than trying to be something she’s not.

So what I’ve been doing (and winning every time, so far I’m 10-0 doing this), is I just ditch my team and storm their base right off the bat and spend pretty much the whole game back there wreaking havoc. I go around the back way and dash kick up into their base and take out their thumper turret, supply station and accelerator. I then move into the alley between the 2 sentries and start solo clearing the minion waves. With some health regen and her life steal, she can keep her health up. If anyone comes at you, just go invisible and hide or something (or kill them if they are alone). Between the cloak and the off hand melee, u are very hard to catch if you known how to use cover right. Any time they waste chasing you, is time that they are spending deep in their base not helping on front lines. But at the same time, if they don’t check you, they lose all their minions before they get to the front lines. Between minion waves, i also like to go around and check their supply station for weak enemies trying to heal up. Once you hit level 3, you can even start stealing the enemy thralls. You can just sit there and solo the thrall, not taking any damage because of uppercut. If someone comes at you, just go invisible and either run or fight them. This whole strategy is actually really cheap and difficult to counter, especially on an unorganized team.

As far as build goes, I take the aoe burst dash at level 1 for minion clear, Then i take uppercut at lvl 3 for soloing thralls and players. At level 4 I get the life steal on burst dash. This can pretty much fill your life bar when used on a minion wave. Other level skills aren’t too vital whatever you choose but I usually just take melee damage boosts and skill cooldown reductions.

For items, I carry:

  1. weapon speed for uppercut reset (legendary is good because it has cool down as well)
  2. a cooldown item that has additional cool down on melee hit.
  3. A health regen item. Mine has additional health regen after surviving 3 minutes.

I try to buy the health regen item as soon as I can so I have some health gain to keep me up until I get my ultra sustain skill at level 4 (which dosent take long when you are soloing minion waves and enemy buildables).


I agree completely

Can’t agree on taking anything but left on helix 1.

Nope, not for this style of play. You need right for the minion clear and to get more life steal at level 4. You don’t really need the dash in burst dash, your off hand melee gives u all the dashing you could ever want. I also think the aoe burst dash is great for finishing people off. So many times people will escape my uppercut lock with just a bit of health left. Having a big aoe move to kill them is nice since her attacks are so linear and short range.