Stop crying about Nerfs/Buffs please


First of, I totally agree with the Galilea nerf. She was way too strong and had (has) a lot of abilities that make here one of the most hated opponents. I also think MOBA games will always need character balances.

So far no worries… The problem I have is with all the people whining about pretty much every Hero. Marquis isn’t OP in Meltdown. Maybe your main hero is an easy target for him, but that’s not a reason for a nerf. Everyone has a favourite Hero, and they all have a nemesis. Deal with it.

? Who said Marquis is OP in Meltdown?

The only change involving Marquis is going to be that Incursion map, where he can just sit back at base and snipe Sentry all day…and that change will likely be made to the map, not the character itself.

I think that was his point people are saying nerf him he is op in incursion when thats not him being op thats bad map design which is getting fixed.

There are enough threads on these topics already, thanks. If you don’t like certain threads, ignore them.