Stop cutscenes skipping

Is there a way to not skip the cutscenes when i press a key twice?
Perhaps make the first key need to be a spastic key.
I would like to take more then one screen shot of a cutscenes but when i take the second it is displaying the “press any key to skip” on the second and ends the scene.

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Um…don’t press any key?

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This is likely platform dependent - XB1 gets around this since the route to regular screen shot is via the XBox button, and that’s not mapped to anything in game.

I would suggest trying Photomode - I’m not sure if it works in cut-scenes, but it’s worth a shot (heh!) That’s an item in the pause game menu.

i am on PC.

can not get to the Photomode in a cutscene :frowning:

If you just want the cutscenes, you can either find them online or in your game’s files and screenshot them that way (I’d advise against the latter if you haven’t finished the story).

good suggestion thank. i did not think they would be individual files i could play.

do you known where they are located in the game folder?
or, forgoing that the file extenuation that is used so i can search for them.

On a second look, the location I found (SteamLibrary/steamapps/common/Borderlands 3/OakGame/Content/Movies) only has things that appear as videos in-game like Lilith’s telepathy and the CoV’s Slay of the Day. Based on a bug involving FL4K’s Jabber’s gun, I think that the actual cutscenes are rendered in-game. Still, you can find them on YouTube pretty easily and screenshot them there.

if that is the best that can be done. :frowning: thank you again for your suggestion.

all the ones i find on YouTube have the subtitles on.

i find it annoying when a company takes something away to at a feature. i get most people want to skip the cutscenes but the game started with out skipping and many games this works just fine.

all they would have to have done was ESC (or set a key in the key map) to skip and any key to confirm. presto everyone happy.

An idea for you:

Can you possibly map Printscreen temporarily to a mouse button?

I don’t know for sure, but does the mouse cause cutscenes to end? If not, and depending on how they wrote the code, maybe that would work???

Really the easiest thing would be if they changed it from “any key” to a specific key, or perhaps, action (like press your jump key to skip).


nope, mouse button skips :frowning:


Hopefully Noelle will bring it to their attention and there will be an in-game solution.

and do not have the “press to skip” popup past the first time i do not want that message in my screen shoot :slight_smile: