Stop-Gap shield perk

Stop-Gap Shield Intended design?

The stop-gap shields all have a perk of 5 seconds of invulnerability after shield break, this effect does not apply for 1 hp moze builds. (Where it would be the most effective) Is this the intended effect of the shield or a bug? Because it’s a great item that would improve a lot of builds, if it worked for 1 hp.

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It’s not a bug, 1 hp means you’re dead if shield drops. No time to activate

When it breaks it goes to healthgate at minimum, running 1 hp effectively cuts that healthgate off

its also not likely, they will change it? i would love to use the stop gap AND her keystone for the 1 hp build. but they kinda intended to not make this possible :frowning:

this is how you can make optimal use of stop gap with Moze:

Maybe If you are lucky enough with Last Stand timing? Iirc, on a 1 hp build every hit you take procs the effect so you are constantly cycling uptime/cooldown.

but i dont even want to “cheat” and have an immortal afk moze
just using this awesome mechanic with an as huge as possible shield

You can’t use stop gap with 1hp build: the common misunderstanding is that people think stop gap prevents you to be killed, it does not, it is the health gate mechanic that does (you can’t be one shotted if you have at least 50% hp). If you reserve all of your life, health gate does not work and stop gap needs health gate to work. For the same reason last stand is not going to work either.

Immortal Moze build is not cheat or exploit it just makes correct use of this mechanic, of course you are then almost invulnerable wich can be considered boring by some.

To sum up Stop gap is not the shield you want to use with a 1hp build it is an anti synergy.

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yea i understand that
thats why i said “will they change it?”
because it WOULD be an awesome synergy and a great possibility for fun builds without being too op or boring
right now? is anyone using max level stop gap? aka: does this shield have any use as the developers have intended?

What’s most boring about it is the damage output. You have to sacrifice a lot of damage for that invulnerability. And splash weapons that are normally fun to use become very dangerous due to your low shield and hp and them ignoring health gating.

However, if you’re wanting to quickly get to Agonizer 9000 or Fabricator, it’s great to skip through enemies without a care in the world.

it is true, I personally got around damage problem using overkill mechanic with ion cannon. However you need a mob pool to sustain overkill while bossing