Stop Gap shield seems to be broken/bugged

The 5 sec immunity to all damage upon shield brake does not work! Wearing deathless and dies instantly upon shield brake

I don’t know if this is the cause in your specific case but the immunity can be defeated. The +2 projectile mayhem modifier can kill you regardless of immunity because it’s capable of bypassing health-gate.

A stop gap activates on break…but the break happens after the damage is dealt.

If you have a Deathless on, 99.9 percent of attacks that break your shield also take that one hp you have. The only time a stopgap will work with a Deathless is if you take exactly the damage as your shield charge.

It’s just how damage is calculated versus where effects come into play.


Thanks for clearing this guys. Just felt bad it’s a another waste of a legendary status

No seriously if you use this property correctly it is superb and indeed legendary

Stop gap and deathless, dreams.

I tried using stop gap without the deathless. Somehow my life is stuck 1/3 even there is no artifact equiped or description of reducing life. Then I tried having shield brake again and died instantly even with 2.5k hp

3.1k is nearly healthgate; sound like you have 3 points into the skill “thin red line”; or your using the bloodletter (theres very limited ways to heal actual hp with a bloodletter)

To explain things in a bit detailed fashion: stop gap can not prevent you from being one shotted, what will prevent one shot is having at least 50% of your life full and available (not reserved) it is a mechanism introduced in BL2 and referred to as “health gate”. Life reservation (via deathless artifact or thin red line) above 50% is dangerous because you can potentially be one shotted.
Stop gap works well if you have above 50% life, in a situation where you are spammed the 5s immunity allow you to recover life or to take cover.

Now if you want to use bloodletter com there is a way: with life regen (on artifact/class mod) and a low level stop gate you can be almost unkillable if your shield and life are low enough (!!! life reservation is not the same as reducing max life via loaded dice for example) to be both rejuvenated during the 5s invulnerability.

Once again thanks guys for the feedback. I’ll try to make adjustments to my build. I got the anointed 75% increased shields and health for 25 sec upon exit iron bear. don’t want that to go to waste

This anointment on a stop gap? Darn the game trolled you. You can make it work only if you don’t use deathless and only have 2 points or less in thin redline (if I recall correctly it is 40% life reserved) to be above health gate

Gaahhh I give up I’ll just use the transformer