Stop Giving Hate to the Dev's!

OK Yes I Know Borderland: The Handsome Collection Has Quite A bit Of Bugs , Yes Its Upsetting, But Taking it Out in the Dev’s is just sad. I’m Sure They are trying Their Best to Get These Bugs Patched Up and Improve this Awesome Game. So instead encourage them rather than telling them they did a bad job. A lot Work Goes into Games. Of course i could Complain But rather ill tell just tell them whats wrong and trust they will fix it


Its just strange that it got released in this state in the first place. Within one min of watching the intro too the newest game I new there was a problem what with the shocking tearing all over the place.

60 fps, 1080p, cross save support, loyalty bonus and bar transfers are THE MAIN selling points for this game and all of them have problems. Yes the developers deserve what they get they advertise to us all these features and they fail right out the gate.

The game itself works good on bl2 for the ps4 but tps has some issues that quite frankly should have been caught during qa testing. One look at the intro video of tps and youll see some serious jerking video issues. Unfortunately they’ve decided to save a few bucks on hiring QC people and have instead depended on the consumer to do their job.

To the credit of gearbox their response team on these boards have been excellent. I would say they are one of the better companies out there but their marketing tactics have been in pretty poor taste lately.

Hating on developers for no reason is stupid but I think there are plenty of genuine problems that warrant being a bit upset. I really don’t understand why some people have blind brand loyalty.

As far as being rude to the developers the majority of the bug reports have been civil.


I didn’t have any issues yet thankfully (played only BL2 on PS4 so far and it runs pretty smooth and looks good so far, even in a 3-man party), but I couldn’t agree more with @Evo4g63t’s post above.

So far I have no seen uncivil posts or hate on the devs. The negativity and frustration is there obviously (but then again that is understandable seing the blatant issues that should have been noticed by qa testers), but also a lot of constructive criticism and bug reports.

Blaming Gearbox is stupid anyway, because they where not the ones who ported BL2 and BLTPS in the first place “The port is being handled by Armature Studio and Iron Galaxy.”

So anything you post here about bugs, or glitches probably first needs to be send to either of the studios.

I would just like some sort of update. They have apparently been “testing a fix” for days now. Only reason I bought this game again was the carry over and all of that has issues. There is no reason to play this on Xbox one right now when my 360 version plays better an I have my BAR in tact.

The game has issues, nothing game breaking. I’m very pleased with the PS4 version.

They did announce something (I think it’s in the pre sequel news forum?). My guess is we’ll see it tomorrow as a patch. They said it isn’t something they could throw in a hotfix.

I don’t see this thread really helping as much as you think it might. Most of the bug reporting has indeed been clear and calm, and if you do see stuff that breaches the rules, just report it, thankyou!