Stop Making Me Farm Loading Screens

Why is it i have to spend the majority of time watching a loading screen if I’m farming a weapon?

Didn’t the eridian bosses of BL2 have those pillars you could just pay?

Why aren’t these at EVERY boss encounter?

This company needs to spend more time making it fun to farm. And no ■■■■■■■ slaughter waves don’t count. If you rely on world drops you’re not ready for this conversation lol


Could just not farm.

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I am more than ready.
I just don’t have the time to waste.


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I suppose. I’ll just stop playing then. I’m sure that is exactly what the developer wants lol

Well I mean they got your money. If there ain’t anything else to do in the game then I would stop playing.
And I have.

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What character were you a fan of ?

Zane and Moze, started playing Fl4k but somewhere in the campaign I just got so bored of going through the same monotonous missions for the 5th time. Moze hasn’t been touched since DLC 2 and Zane is okay, it’s just running and shooting as the main gameplay loop gets old too.

Gearbox didn’t figure they’d have to actually innovate the looter part of their looter-shooter. They figured they’d keep the save/quit farming meta from 2012, since clearly that was the absolute peak of gameplay in any video game.

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Loading screens are torture, specially on consoles takes me over a minute to load any map that isn’t sanctuary or the slaughter maps on regular ps4.

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Yeah I know, I always play the DLC through atleast once normally but after that? You got me messed up if you think I’m spending +5 minutes per boss for a chance at something.
It would be different if this was a massively multiplayer game where progression actually means something but it doesn’t. So.
Yeah. It’s just a pain out there for me personally as a solo player.

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