Stop Marquis! - Too much locations where he can shoot the sentries from a safe position!

See the title!
20 chars!

That is being addressed in the next patch

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What they want change?

I seriously logged in just to talk about his. Oscar Mike, Whiskey Foxtrot, and Marquis always cheese the sentry. I just lost a game where we pushed, and fought, and barely lost, because 80% of the sentry had a WF and Marquis hitting it when they realized they were going to lose. Since total score goes off kills, and not objectives, we lost. Complete crap.

How? They have to come from the side or not?

Yes he can hit it from far distance and this is a problem.

Benedict and some other Chars. can just jump to the sentries from the side. Is this intended, or a abuse as well?

From what I read, they are changing the stairs from one side to another so that he can’t headglitch and kill the sentry. Nothing is stopping most ranged characters in the game from soloing the sentry from distance, you just have to stand farther back behind your teams sentry to do it.

Kleese, benedict, marqui, oscar mike, wiskey, thorn, reyna, toby, issac… all these character’s can solo the first BASE of a two base mode with a MASSIVE snowball effect problem from inside their base. Not only that but character’s with a big jump can get behind the sentry and shoot it’s feet without being targeted by it too. The game has a massive issue when a lvl 1 can solo the first half of a team based mode from inside their base within the first 4 minutes of a 30 minute long match.

The sentry tanks, are pathetic. Look at any real moba type game and watch people try to attack the first barrier tower/tank/base alone. They get SLAUGHTERED.

I keep hearing it’s in the next patch, wait for the next patch. Where are the patch notes? It’s in cert, if it’s done why aren’t they releasing the notes?

I just jumped on for my first and only game of the night, team had a healer, me as montana, 2 melee and a thorn. Beginning at 30 seconds into the match the enemy marqui started shooting our sentry, and the only one able to stop him without charging straight through mid to their death was our thorn which is outmatched by hitscan. By the time our first sentry went down, I had just hit lvl 2 and 4 minutes had passed from first leaving the spawn area.

This is pathetic gearbox. This is severely broken gameplay, we need fixes and communication and answers.