Stop nerfing ambra

For the love of god stop. She feel useless now. I have her rank 14 and she is just not helpful in any situation now. Her heal is complete garbage compared to miko and Alani, who also have ridiculous healing ranges while ambra literally has to be right on top of a teammate or sunspot to channel. Why can alani heal 600 from across the map but I can’t lock on with ambra the same distance just to heal a measly 30? And you might as well just remove heat altogether since all of her damage is pathetic. You can’t even defend yourself if you get rushed. You just have to run away because you can’t do anything to anyone, teammate or enemy. Stop the nerfs. Start the buffs because you have ruined her

I haven’t seen a time when she was worth it (at least since Live). Miko has more sustained heal than anyone else, Alani has crazy burst heals mixed with obscene CC. I’m not an Ambra player but I can at least agree with you because I’m upset when I see an Ambra on my team.

In my opinion it’s rather miko & alani’s heal that deserve a heavy nerf rather than ambra’s heal deserving a buff.
Well ambra’s heal does deserve a buff since it’s only on a tiny area and limited, but jeez I hate these 2 other healer…

I think she needs to be adjusted to be more buff/debuff orientated like her level1 helix, which if used at the right time can be brutal.

I’m not fond of the simple number value oriented nerfs they did, especially since they were so drastic.

I thought they should rework power interactions and effects of heat build-up on powers instead, but I’m sure there were a metric eff-ton of technical reasons why that wasn’t and maybe still isn’t possible.

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While she didn’t deserve the last nerf and even arguably the one before it, she’s definitely still viable, and she’s the character I’ve been playing the most lately. I still manage to do very well and heal, you just need to focus on Solar Wind and she’s a great character.

I think they need to make heat a effect all of her abilities. It could increase the heal a sunspot can give when hear is full and increase solar wind or meteor damage. I think they need to buff her spear helix. Spending all your heat in one powerful blow sounds great, except it’s not that powerful for all the heat it takes and the time it takes to make that heat

I agree: it’s just that her viability now is drastically narrowed to a certain configuration of helix and gear choices. Sunspots can provide genuinely effective healing, but to compete with other supports, you’ve really got to take the mutation that lets you power them (which also makes their healing more efficient.) Ambra’s ranged game can be formidable, but again, it requires you to take the Halberd mutation and run with her legendary - which generally rules out playing Capture, a mode Ambra used to dominate in. Her wave clear can be effective, but only if she picks up Solar Wind buffs. And so on.

Things look especially bad when you contrast Ambra with Alani. For example, Ambra has to choose between taking a Solar Wind damage boost to stay competitive in damage, or forfeiting that boost to take her only real CC option until level 10 (and that’s knockback, a very soft CC.) Meanwhile, the new support gets _hard_CC as part of her kit and adds damage on top of it. And not only does Ambra have to make sacrifices, but she doesn’t even excel in the path she does go down.

The range on her beam is a huge problem at this point too.

I love Ambra. She’s my favourite Battleborn, personality and voice-acting wise. I’ve had some monstrously effective games with her post-nerf, but it’s largely due to her Halberd, which still seems to take a lot of players by surprise. But a character shouldn’t be reliant on her legendary item. She needs help.


I agree about the Radiant Halberd ability. It’s great in conjunction with her legendary but getting her to level 7 and affording the item can sometimes be difficult in a game, especially with surrender being so widespread right now. It feels like a very different play style afterwards. Sometimes in a tough game I just feel like I’m treading water until I get to level 7.

I think taking away the ability to gain head from shards just pushes people to rely more and more toward her legendary gear since the staff is now quite risky to use, making solar wind the more reliable way to gain heat.

I’m not going to say she’s unplayable as such, but the last few staff nerfs are making me uncomfortable when getting close to over battleborn. Right now I just use sunspots to try to keep people at range and then hop in for the odd solar wind burst.

Wish I could play vs more Ambra’s, BUT ANYWAYS.
Why would you want an Ambra on your team over Miko or Alani? That’s the problem.

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I like ambra she was my favorite and now she’s useless. She could do good damage and still do some ok healing. Now she does nothing. And I just don’t get it. I see alanis running around doing a ton of damage and massive healing but ambra needed more nerfs? Makes no sense

Ambra works pretty well still, you just can’t play her like you used to. I saw pre-nerf Ambra go 37-0-22. Needless to say, 37 kills on a support is not desirable.
Devs have stated that she is however being reworked again. Was it in one of the Battleplans?
Her Ultimate probably lost the slow in preparation for a more extensive change to her ultimate. At least that’s what I’m thinking, since I’ve never seen that slow being problematic.

And if it helps, Alani is also overachieving and will likely get some touch ups (Or rather, Downs? :stuck_out_tongue: ) too.

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Level 15 Ambra main user here.

I think she is fine as she is except for the range to initiate the life drain. It used to be okay, now it seems I have to get right up to someone’s face to initiate (Melee range almost).

I like where Ambra sits. She isn’t supposed to “main” heal. Let Miko and Alani have that privilege. She is a support class with an ability to be “flexible” in builds to adapt to the competition.


I’ve found that Ambras mutation that returns 100% of her bonus heat dmg as health is the most powerful mutation she has. I’ll sometimes choose the mini novas if I;m having a hard time getting close to the other team.

You build up heat.
Staff melee Attack and heal your self at the same time.
Solar wind to build heat.
Staff melee Attack and heal your elf at the same time.

Add attack speed and dmg and she is quite strong.

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The problem exists in your mindset. You have the expectation that Ambra is a healer. She has 1 healing ability that is situational and slow. If you want/need a healer, get a Miko/Alani.

No the problem exists with the nerfs. I know she isn’t a dedicated healer but they are making her worse. She isn’t even ok at attacking now. Her only saving grace at this point is her ult. Her range is terrible, she has 1heal yes ( not counting her staff heal) but it has a lot of augments so she’s obviously supposed be at least helpful. Which can be hard when you need to help heal your team, you put a sunspot down and thing disappears instantly because it tried to heal a ton of thing and it’s stupidly low health got drained.

Ambra is a territorial healer. When you have the sunspots fully tricked out - better healing %, increased range, and higher health pool - and especially if you have the mutation to channel sunspots with your staff, they’re quite powerful when placed just behind bottlenecks that your team is striving to push through. The downside is that an attentive enemy can take them out, a passing minion wave (friendly or hostile) will suck them up, and there will always be those team members who seem determined to stay away from the flaming ball of death… Did I say death? I meant life!

I have Master of Reyna and Master of Ambra, and I still prefer to pick up Ambra when I play support. I can’t heal nearly as much, I get a similar amount of kills and assists, but I like the territorial style that Ambra offers. You become aware of the map, its hiding places and contours, and begin to pay extremely close attention to the timing of minion waves. When a push works, often it’s because you primed the area well before. When an enemy fails to push, it’s often because you set up an effective defensive point.

Halberd works really well in this context because it’s a brilliant harassment weapon. You can scatter people, fill the lane with fireballs, bombard sniper points… And at level 7, I really do love playing Ambra. Not as much as Mellka, my main, but pretty damn close.

But I almost never use the beam, and I always pick the same helixes. Reyna and Miko are always going to be better at saving lives, an alert Alani likewise, and Kleese is better at fortifying a given point on the map. (Kleese + Ambra makes for a fun support duo though!)

Ambra is still viable, she’s certainly better than having no support, and a good Ambra will more than contribute her share to victory. But to have a support rely so heavily on leveling (6, 7, 8 especially) is risky. Right now, any other support is simply a safer pick, and when you do see an Ambra on your team, you have to hope she’s played plenty of games. And that she doesn’t sabotage her character at level 2, when it’s possible to take a Sunspot “upgrade” that effectively removes the ability entirely. Little things like that…

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