Stop Nerfing characters

Stop catering the noobs, it makes it annoying for us, as far as I know Boldur only needs a nerf not because he’s powerful, but because he’s almost invincible, Other than him the game’s fine,


What about Kleese’s current health?

I’m fine with it, def needed more help but not as much as doubled health,

Actually, “noobs” aren’t the ones even calling for these nerfs. It’s either the extremely good or just above average in a lot of cases. But I disagree. I think that balance is more of an idea, and one that should always be worked towards to create a changing and relevant game.


But seriously my point is who needs a nerf?

So… you DO think it should be lowered a little?

According to the devs, OM Thorn Ghalt Dragõn and Boldur

But Ghalt’s completely fine, and Thorn is only powerful from long ranges,

Ghalt is a one trick guarantee get a kill pony. Thorns damage could probably get toned down a little

That one trick takes skill tho, and sure thorns ult does 700 dmg but so does Orendis and Attikuss

I’m fine the way it is now :stuck_out_tongue:

yeah it takes skill but honestly it’s much to impactive on a game. As for thorn she still has a lot of really good things going for her and it would be fine if they cut her ults damage down a bit

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Damn, he saw through my facade…

Question. Has any of the “nerfs” so far made any character completely unplayable? Well I can’t think of any, so maybe they are just balancing characters. They have buffed characters as well, that is called balance. I wouldn’t worry about the balance changes until after they happen, and only if the changes greatly affect a character’s performance with the general populace of the game. The devs have way more data than any individual player, and from my experience the buffs and nerfs have been on point.

Even with the double health buff for Kleese I haven’t seen any new players dominate with Kleese. I have seen only players that perform well with other characters. If we were seeing everyone who picks up Kleese over perform, I think that gear box would have made a change quickly. Benedict’s damage was adjusted relatively quickly after it was buffed and the player base made comments on it. I have seen so many comments that I believe if gearbox had the data proving he was OP he would have been adjusted.

Boldur’s upcoming adjustments are acceptable, He can solo tank too well and with a healer will almost never die. No player in a PVP game should be near unkillable unless they can’t kill, but Boldur can definitely kill. Do I think he is a huge issue right now? No but it is annoying that altough he can’t really kill two on one he can survive 2 on 1 almost everytime though. He also gives the players the mentalitly that you are not going to kill him and to just ignore/deal enough damage to make him run away which is not fun for the opponents of Boldur.

Tl;DR: I think the balancing done by gear box with their characters are on point, and haven’t made any character unplayable.


My only issue with Kleese is his taser. It’s too strong and the latch reaches too far IMO. I don’t personally have an issue with his hp.


I was trying to get you to say something along the lines of “i guess it could be reduced a little”; to which i would respond with: STOP CALLING FOR NERFS!! It would have been perfect…

@abobcolypse, neither do i, i was just trying to blow the OP’s mind.


As we’ve begged from our knees from the very start, stop making it effect PvE.

The bombs and blades Thrall throw at us have no cooldown, imagine if that was Whiskey. :wink:


Nah the characters aren’t unplayable but look at Alani she used to be a dozen times better, I posted this cause I disagreed with the upcoming changes, no more stunning,? 1 sec stuns,? like c’mon

A 2 second stun for some moves are much too long. Galilea for example shouldn’t be able to hit someone from accross the map and close the distance and still kill them. I agree with the reduction of some of the stuns, because they were nearly always a kill confirmed move. Regular skills on characters shouldn’t be a free kill, Ultimates ahould be close to a kill confirmed. But skills are just that skills, not kills. The CCs in the game are really strong and players are finding out better ways to kill more quickly so adjusting the CCs are needed.