Stop picking characters that you don't know how to play in pvp that's what over is for

Don’t know how many time I must ask this but every time I play pvp I go to pick a character only for some one else to pick it first then we get into pvp and come to find out that person has no exp on that character at all and then they rage quit because we lose because this person was not helpful whatsoever. So pls before you pick a character you don’t know. Play over first. So I ask pls stop stealing characters from other people when you don’t know them. Your wrecking every ones lore progress


There are many things wrong with this.

  1. You cant learn a character for PvP unless you play it in PvP

  2. If you only care about Lore Challenges you shouldn’t be complaining because those are not exactly “team focused”

  3. The player wouldn’t be stealing anything because the player picked it first. You are not entitled.

  4. You rage quitting because a player is bad only makes you the problem here.


I feel like you would be complaining no matter how well the other player did, because you would always convince yourself that you could have done better with “your” character.


^^ What he said^^

Seriously they’re not “stealing” the character from you. They have no indication that you want to pick that character. And the only way this would be happening “constantly” would be if you’re playing Alani… which is going to be a constant fight for the next few days/weeks so you should probably just learn that it’s okay to not always get your way.

And if you’re worried about lore progress, then you should DEFINITELY have more than one character you’re working on… probably one in each role… that way, YOU can pick the character that the TEAM needs and be more helpful… you know, instead of just being upset at them, rage quitting, and dragging the team down.


Everyone has already said it, so I won’t beat a dead horse much. But no. Wanna know how I learned to play the characters I can play? I played them. In pvp. That’s how you learn them. Play them enough in matches, and you’ll pick up how they are run. Now, would it be useful to run these characters in pve first, sure. But pve and pvp aren’t the same, and tbh, even characters I excel with in pvp with I go lax in on pve.

So if someone picks a character you wanted and sucks, so what. They are likely to get better, and who knows maybe if you got off your high horse, and accusing people of stealing ‘your’ characters, and play more you don’t know, you’ll give yourself more options.


Took the words out of my mouth. There’s only so much you learn fighting the AI. They’re very predictable after a while.

I would recommend looking at a few of the more competitive groups out there. Playing with them would ensure you get the characters you want.


Not really. Playing with competitive groups means you most likely get to play FOTM meta against unorganized opponents.
Then again this might be exactly what OP is looking for.

True. There’s that aspect and “competitive” is subjective. I would say true competitive teams would be organizing private 5v5’s rather than padding stats in pub stomps.


If the argument was made for Ranked matches, which aren’t implemented yet, then I would agree with you. However this isn’t ranked and others have already pointed out why practicing with new heros in PvP is perfectly fine.


FOTM=??? Pleas enlighten me!

eh as a guy whos gamer tag is Mr caldarius with the master of caldarius title on i get a bit annoyed with i see someone beat me to him then totally play him wrong but i invite them to party’s to help there game i dont say pffft pleb i can play this pixel better than you i mean people who talk like that i want to say to them oh yeah if you’re so good why dont you stay and prove it

Flavor of the Month. In other words, whatever character is believed to be the strongest at the moment.

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LOL who cares man whats wrong with people here, i test all new characters in pvp cause youre constantly in action contrary to story mode where you tend to fall behind and everyone else kills everything before you get there as youre still reading all the tooltips on skills.

I guess I’m the only one who kinda agrees with op… Only in that if it’s your first time using a character, don’t hop in pvp and use them. For me it doesn’t matter much, cept when there’s 6 try hard level 100’s (myself included) and then I get a first time Rath. Everyone is level 10-30? Go for it. They’re 5premade? Eh maybe not this match. Learning doesn’t work well when you can’t live long enough to do any of that.

That’s why you read them all before even getting in a game???

Seriously has no one played a moba before?

Yes, you can only get better with a character in a pvp environment by playing pvp.

However, if it is your first time playing the character and haven’t even gone into the command section to read their helix and abilities, then you ARE the problem in which the OP is getting at.

Its not about stealing the character, its about taking a character you have no experience with period then proceeding to play the character incorrectly because you have NO EXPERIENCE.

PVE is where you go to get the idea of how a character works, not to get better. You should ALWAYS play some pve first when playing a new character to get an idea on what kind of builds you like and what gear loadouts you want to use.

Jesus its like no one has ever played a moba before.

I can not tell you how many Alanis ive seen already go full on Rambo and get annihilated then complain that their team isn’t helping.

I laugh everytime someone else on my team picks Alani, because I just know its about to be a giant mess.

S2 gold in league here.

Idgaf about your esports mentality mate, its a videogame. y u hef to be mad

Honestly I get a little disappointed if the character I was working on is picked ahead of me, but I don’t gripe and groan, even if they do horribly. But maybe it’s because I don’t have a character I “main”, since I switch around a lot.

And I’ve found that jumping into PVP even with characters I suck as teaches me so much better than PVE or against the bots. I guess when it comes to Battleborn I’m a “toss into the ocean to teach to swim” type of player. (still such as WF though)

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I kinda get what the OP is getting at. Not every character is easy to pick up and if someone goes into a pvp match not knowing how the character works or how to use them, they might just die over and over allowing the enemy to benefit greatly by killing said player. This doesn’t fare well for this player since they’re going to have a bad time and possibly make them not enjoy the character (or game) as much as they would if they had some practice on the correct helix choices and mechanics. That’s why the op explains that the person might just end up rage quitting further leaving their team at a disadvantage.

I don’t agree with being mad that someone else took the character that you wanted to play. That’s a bit silly.

Personally I went into story mode and played several missions on a character before hopping into pvp with them and it’s worked out for me.

that isnt e sports mentality e sports would be pick one character play nothing but them and create a meta game asking for players that atleast know what their ability’s do seems rather reasonable to me

No, playing to win is an esport mentality, i dont play to win i play to relax.