Stop playing Montana until Alani "cools down"

Montana’s… I love you all.

Alani makes Montana sad in PvP. That stupid bubble is super easy to land on your giant, hulking frame. AND, there’s a good chance you’ll be accidentally body blocking a teammate, and you both get bubbled.

Not to mention you’re just easy to hit with ALL of her abilities. This means she’s gaining Osmosis stacks faster and healing her team more.

I know this topic is only good for a week or two, but please…

PS - You. You know who you are. “But, I play Montana and I go 10-1 against Alani!” If that’s true, then this post isn’t for you. Sure, feel free to offer advice, but not everyone can play that way.

This much is true with any character, Montana isn’t any smaller or harder to hit if you’re playing someone other than Alani.

Well, aside from the bubble part as only Alani does that, but same principles apply with and CC or AoE against Montana.

Is there a “tell” that would give you enough time to hit Lumberjack Dash? Because that seems to the only way Montana can get anywhere in a hurry.

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While I get your point, People aren’t used to Alani’s gameplay yet. And people that aren’t super used to Montana are especially susceptible to this.

And, it’s not like a standard stun, it pushes you up into the air, making it (even) easier for you to get focused or chain CC’d.

There is a water-well that appears on the ground, but it can be hard to see if:
A - it’s behind/under you
B - It’s under her tidal wave

But yea. Lumberjack Dash is hard.

It also has a wind up, so you’d have to be anticipating. You’d also want it on rapid cooldown, or you’d be left vulnerable again.

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