Stop. Playing. On. The. One side. OF THE MAP

Oh boy, where do I start with this one? We’ve all been there. We’re in a team in Meltdown where everybody except you decides to play on one side of the map, leaving you - and the other side - vulnerable. Most times, not even clicking the little alert symbol won’t even get their attention EVEN IF YOU KEEP PRESSING IT CONSTANTLY.

I can’t handle it anymore. I just can’t. If you’re doing Meltdown, make sure at least two people are on both sides. If you notice one side is lacking, even if you are finding yourself lucky on your side, please spend at LEAST three seconds of your life checking it out to see if it needs guarding. If someone is clicking the alert, oh, I don’t know, 30 times without pause, check it out because that usually means they really need help.

But this one-sided mentality is killing me and it is killing the mood. You really think I want to continue being on your team? Think again. I’d rather try somewhere else than be in a team who actually all group together on one side and stay there for the duration of the match.

You guys ever have this problem? What are your thoughts on it?


Unfortunately, there’s little that can be done about it. I gave up on Meltdown, pretty much for this reason. You get a tank, Healer, and a DPS or two on one side of the map, and me on the other. As good as I am, I can’t handle CONSTANT 2 and 3v1’s and be effective.


Yes, this is a problem. I think it’s more noticeable when you are in a team that gets absolutely dominated vs, lets say, a game where it’s more evenly balanced. When you are getting crushed, it’s partly that the other team has better players, premade, whatever. It also means that there are a volume of people on your team who have no effing idea what is going on. When the teams are balanced (and they should be) you should have more even games. I’ve had tons of fun losing before. Like, I wish I could stay on same team and play against the same team again. There are FAR too many people in this game that think they know what they are doing and they don’t. Perfect example: I’m playing Miko all day yesterday. I was on a number of teams where we got absolutely crushed. Each game I was at the top of the points board. I got any number of messages telling me how much I “sucked”. I had to explain to them that I was doing my job and doing it better-obviously than they were doing of theirs. It’s pretty amazing. too many people who think the problem is with OTHER people. I was on other games when we won were I was still on top and didn’t get any complaints then. when I have 12 kills and something like 45 assists as miko, I would think that’s pretty good. When I have 3 kills and 8 assists as the highest scoring person on the team and I get bitched at because I suck, that’s when I call BS.


I’ve been getting those teams a lot, it is literal torture


[quote=“Ripley, post:1, topic:1544496, full:true”]You guys ever have this problem? What are your thoughts on it?

I think a lot of it depends upon the character. I’ve been able to hold off/harass (e.g. engage without dying or killing) 2-3 characters at once while still killing their minions for extended periods before (helps that I was Alani so I had a kit that allowed me to wave clear and heal). I’ve also been on the receiving end of a Boldur that did this.

There is some strategic value to lopsided distribution, especially if you’re organized. The most crushing and demoralizing defeat I ever suffered at Meltdown was against a team that had all 5 players stick together the entire game (it wasn’t a pubstomp either, the only people who came in together was a Boldur/Ambra pair) and simply moved from one side to the next over and over again. My group tried to keep the sides balanced, but it was either no fight or a totally lopsided one (and we didn’t notice what they were doing until it was essentially over already).

The strategy was absolutely devastating, for good reason, too: if you can ensure that you win an engagement without losing resources such that you can rapidly move on to another engagement without losing resources, you can put the opposing team on the ropes pretty easily and dominate both lanes, especially since it’s not as if not having someone on a side for a 10 seconds is going to sacrifice the entire game.

It requires teamwork and communication, but it’s not a bad strategy.


On Meltdown, I just go to the empty lane as Ambra and obliterate whoever thinks to challenge me. Last match, no one went in my lane. I got so many minions.

The thing is, THEORETICALLY, as long as one of your lanes does better than the other you can still win. It’s just a matter of how many you can tend to fight off from the minion crusher. That’s the mentality I try to have when this happens anyway. “Alright I have 4 guys over there and 2 enemies are over here so I KNOW my team outnumbers them, best I can do is prevent the shepards and there’s a slim chance we will lose”. Usually the problem is though that my team, since they outnumber them, see the opportunity for kills and just chase kills in lane while the minions get destroyed instead of ushering them into the crusher THEN going for kills. So they aren’t winning lane as handily as they should be and all my hard work in the other lane is literally for nothing.

So I think it’s worth adding to this thread: MELTDOWN IS ABOUT THE MINIONS. NOT KILLS. MINIONS FIRST, THEN YOU CAN KILL. Priorities people, priorities…


This is a really good philosophy, though admittedly risky. You’re right that it’s all about the minions, and you would need to get in early, you could do really well. :slight_smile: Strength in numbers.

I’d also like to add to this that for the most part people need to stick to one side. We keep having matches where we’ll be in a party of 2 or 3 and our team will go to one side and everything will be fine. Then, for some reason one or both of the other people will switch sides and come over to us and steal our shards and for some reason stick around, leaving the other side completely exposed. When we switch sides to cover the other side, they eventually end up coming back and leaving the other side open again. It’s annoying as hell. Yes, occasionally people will need to change sides, but sometimes it’s very clearly not for any reason.

Also, WATCH THE MATCHMAKING SCREEN FOR PARTIES. If you’re alone or in a party of 2 and get matched with a party of 3 on your team then stay with the other teammate and let the party of 3 stick together on one side. They’re going to work a lot better all together than they will if you force them to split up. We’ve had so may matches lately where we’ll have two randoms matched with our team of 3 and they’ll split up and go one on each side.

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Meh, without a coordinated group to run with, I steer clear of Meltdown. I get too involved in the matches, which then makes me get too stressed, too often. I love the mode, I feel it’s more competitive than Incursion/Capture, and the clutch victories are the most satisfying experience in this game. I just can’t handle the majority of players I seem to get grouped with that just want to kill players with no focus on minions.

Hey Thorn, good job getting 15 kills! Hmmm…only 30 minions killed? Eh, it’s all goooooooood, I’m sure Whiskey will take care of it at more than double than what you got.

I’ll just stick with Incursion. Whole lot less minions to worry about.

Hey thanks. I agree with your OP, as I still don’t think 4 people in one lane is a good tactic, but I was more trying to get at that analyzing the situation and having a good mentality can go a long way

it annoys me when teammates ping to try nd tell me who i should heal but other than that ill come see what the fuss is about

I’m with you on this one.

What gets me more though is when I see my other 4 “teammates” allow the enemy team to pull them into a team death match at our teams supply station (most prominently in paradise), and I’m stuck trying to defend both lanes at once.

That is not where meltdown is won.

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Yes, I’ve had this happen, but it’s worse when you go over to help fill in the empty lane and then everyone migrates over there leaving the once full lane totally empty. What’s that all about?

I dunno about every Meltdown scrim I have ever watched had a 4 to 1 set up. Maybe they are on to something.

It does suck to be left out of the TDM game play though.

Meldown can be a great mode when you play in a premade group. Most of the time, when you’re not, it’s just punishing players who play objectives over kill/safety of number, as you’ll indeed be left alone regularly.
In those case, when it happens I just kill the enemy minions if I can, and then exit the area immediately without escorting my minions, as this means overextending when you’re alone. If I’m alone on my side they should be winning on their anyway, so as long as I limit as much as possible the minions on my side, we should be winning right? If it really becomes impossible to even clear up minions on my side, I ask for help. If it doesn’t come, well, the loss is deserved anyway, so who cares. Certainly not me any more :/.

I don’t blame it on the players too much. Reason being that a lot of people are new to the game. And there’s dink for a tutorial on pve or pvp modes. So from a newb perspective myself, I can say I have / had no idea what to do in Meltdown.

I really really wish this game has some sort of newb guide in the lobby system. A shooting gallery to test powers. A walkthrough training map. An explanation of gear and leveling. Anything like that would be useful.

It’s sad that such a good game throws new players to the wolves. I think you’d get a lot more retention if there was some tutorial missions / videos in the lobby to do while waiting for matches or deciding on a story to run.

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I’ve never played modes like Incursion or Meltdown before, but the videos they play before every single match were plenty. If you need more, check out solo. That way you can practice your character, learn maps and play against bots.

Oh yeah, there is definitely a fine line on what you should and shouldn’t do.

Did meltdown yesterday and oh man…it was stupid,horrible,and utterly unbelievable.

So I go in as Deande and head over to the left lane as the match starts. Right off the bat i’m getting QUADRUPLE TEAMED. While my team is having a fun time on the right lane just, you know, sitting back and doing nothing. Really? Are they that oblivious.

I tried holding off the left lane, but keep in mind Deande is a late game player… but nonetheless, I did a lot of jumpy tactics and I didnt want to leave the lane because I saw minions getting extremely close to the furnace thing and I was tempted to stop them but I had to bail out because I was getting low on health.

I pressed the alet button thing over 25 times non stop. Results? Futile. So I decided to go to the right lane with everyone else and just stayed there. Nobody was on the left lane, and we lost. If I ever see those teammates again I’m leaving.

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