Stop rampant surrendering...something that might help

I think the buildables around the first sentry shouldn’t be destroyed after the sentry goes down. This is part of the reason people give up after the first sentry goes down because the team falls back, allowing the others to buy them instead. If they had a reason to defend them, they might not feel so hopeless and surrender right away.


2 turrets on their own will not make any difference. 5 seconds and they are gone anyway. On Monuments and Echelon they are 0 threat anyway and on Overgrowth they are good only if the sentry is still alive.

I think you underestimate the power of turrets. Sure they won’t help in a 2 vs 5 fight but they can very well make a difference in 1vs1, 2vs2, … or maybe even 1vs2.

I really like this idea simply because losing your first sentry usually “snowballs” until the end of the match… However I don’t think that people will surrender less often.


I’ve been on public random teams that were clearly outmatched. It’s not fun to play when, in case of Incursion or Face Off, the other team stops playing the objective and just starts killing the less experienced players over and over again. Keeping the turrets up in Incursion doesn’t help that much in these cases.

Honestly, I think surrender is used properly a lot more than it is abused.


I routinely get multiple kills on people I pretty much never touched thanks to turrets.

I agree buildables shouldn’t be destroyed due to the snowball effect.


Only inexperienced players or kill hunters die to the turrets from the sentry area. And mostly only if the sentry is still alive. Turrets are never the focal point of the defense, they are just to annoy enemy melee characters.

Or to help wear down minions.

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I often contemplated if the enemy team being able to build the healing, accel, thumper, and stinger turret was a good thing. Once they kill the sentry and everything dies, all they do is build it all and then the other team gets camped.

It sort of has the same effect that the lightning turret in the middle does: you can’t fight into them. Also it blocks 2 of 3 routes out of the base. You can’t go through lane because you have a guy + minions + accel, and you can’t go through the building because healing + thumper. This forces you to go over the wall, which you can’t get back over on most guys, then you still have to get past the thumper and the guys at the building.

So all that happens is you get camped while the other team constantly heals off your poke damage.

Come to think of it you could actually solve a good few of the play pattern issues if you just removed the healing station.

I’ve had a larger issue with rage quitting over surrender lately but it has increased, only natural when you have new players sharing one que.

I’m still on the increase health of the first sentry boat as well as allow him to target properly.
If you can hit him he sohould be able to demolish you, he’s a sentry for Pete’s sake.

I chalked up the idea of shard upgrades for them. Similar to upgrading Wolf unit in Voids Edge. I think this would be awesome since it was mentioned that turrets are pretty useless.

shock turret is annoying when it chains your whole team, but stinger turrets are something even el dragon can tank.

The only thing they could improve on - make it so that the enemy can’t build stuff in your base even if they have destroyed the sentry.

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I think the surrenders are more based around the fact you get a high lvl players stuck with low lvls who don’t know the objective of the game mode.

Me personally I’m cmd rnk 102 and I solo que a lot. Its tuff playing incursion when no one is clearing lanes cause they are too busy trying to chase down a kill. Or you have three low lvls trying to take out the first thrall lol. I usually try to hop in game chat and get the team to focus but if it doesn’t work I’m ready to get out and try my luck in a different que.

Now, I got a few concerns about this myself:

  1. Minions, they are levelling through out the match. Does Sentry level up?
  2. Is it me or is Sentry horribly bad against melees? I mean Wolf sentry had some nice shockwave for close encounters but I don’t see any anti-melee special at Incursion sentries. Heck, I wouldn even mind Sentry doing some support for the team, like more than simply saying “Hello”.
  3. Visionary idea: how about allowing killed team members take over the sentry till they respawn, and manually hit stuff? Would that be unbalanced?

Not sure if he levels, I would hope so.
Yeah, terrible against Melee. Targeting in general.
Dead players taking over is interesting but I can’t see it as being doable.
Is it first dead, how long, etc etc

Maybe something like, if you stand on a activation spot you switch to the sentry and can control him leaving you Open to be attacked by the healing pod or something.

Not to mention odds are pretty good you’re up against a Pre-Made.

Fodderborn: We Were Born For This.

They’re quite valuable, laser accurate, and do consistent, continuous
damage to anything in range. They aren’t gonna solo 100-0 some scrub or
anything but they do a sufficient, balanced amount of damage such that they
pose a threat that needs to be addressed by the attacking force.

Stingers do less damage but pretty much never miss and have long range and
high fire rate. Shock has medium range and medium damage but hits
everything at once and is extremely dangerous. Thumper has medium damage
but causes hella slow and must be focused. The only time you can outright
ignore turrets altogether is if your team is utterly roflstomping the other
team into a pulpy stew. The more balanced the match, the greater the roll
all buildables play and since the computer’s doing the aiming, it’s not
just divers and n00bs that get finished off by turrets. All it takes is for
a player to do an unexpected amount of damage for a Stinger to finish
someone off who’s been forced to retreat.

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I like the turrets staying up idea, and not have the opposing team be able to buy your turrets. Why not have, if the comand rank totals easily out perform the other team to have the turrets do more damage, and take more health for the less comand rank players. Even the thralls could be upgraded. So that way it is still based on skill, and has the new players play the objectives more.

Also have nova say hints to players when they are waiting to respawn. Like if you are orende she could say to focus on the minnions. Dont chase after kills. Etc. In novas way of talking, that would be hilarious. :slight_smile:

The other thing I like about the idea of having turrets stay up is that it requires people to play smarter offensively. Right now you know you can dive the last chunk of sentry health because all the turrets are gonna die when you kill it, so you generally have the upper hand in the chaos of the rout.