Stop taking out incursion off on the weekends

Stop taking out incursion off on the weekends and mixing it up with all the other game modes is so dam annoying… I just want to enjoy battleborn and I can’t because I can’t play the mode I like the most, makes me not want to play it on weekends


They took my favorite mode out completely. I think yall can deal with a couple days off.


“Big-Head Mode”? That was MY favorite, and i miss it DEARLY…



Totally agree. This logic is baffling!

Battleborn day! Let’s give our game some attention and encourage new players! Yeah! Know that game mode? The only one with a dedicated tutorial for it and our most popular mode? Yeah! Let’s make it only available in the confusing, competitive queue! Whoooo! Andhereisalootboosterhappybattlebornday…

My wife loves playing incursion and Orendi, currently unable to do both :frowning:

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Hey, let’s be reasonable, they put the starting cap up, the first half of the game is almost exactly the same. What even is a super minion?

An embarrassing, broken victory march.


But parades are fun!

I keep reading comments like this and I’m baffled by what makes draft mode so confusing?

Removing Incursion maps temporarily made versus draft a lot more active and fun for me.

I hate Incursion-only players with a passion. I feel like they kinda ruined the game. The other modes are actually more fun, so it’s mind-numbing when I see people ONLY PLAY INCURSION. Jeezus.

Confusing for new players. Not everyone can play multiple different roles/characters. The draft queue can lead to this horrible pack mentality e.g. “you didn’t pick Orendi for our first choice after she wasn’t banned FFS now they get an Orendi, Jesus gg, thanks a lot”

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