Stop the nerfs, start the buffs

The original 6 battleborn seem way more “fleshed out” than the later character roster. The original six really shine with their skills each one against the other. Many characters are getting dumbed down even though they were mostly on par with the original 6. Perhaps we should be looking at the original 6 to upswing the curve on other characters and how they were truly meant to play. People criticize Marquis damage and moderate Health, Oscar mike’s high damage output and range, Mikos healing and survivability.

TLDR; If we come to a point where we’re Nerfing the original 6 characters. We might need to check that “Nerfing” was the wrong direction to go rather than buffing the the rest of the roster.




BUFF characters and make them BETTER instead of always lowering output or gimping them.


Agreed. Some things can be changed/adjusted but i definitely find it more satisfying to see characters buffed into balance rather than others being nerfed.

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Well if they were to buff characters to make them even with each other, it would require buffing most if there is 1 op character.

It would of required buffing every character to be similar to galilea before she got nerfed instead of doing what they did and reduce some of her stats/abilities.


But they’ve nerfed most of the characters anyway.

Why not make everyone awesome instead of making everyone feel meh, awesome moments?


What works is picking a midline and moving everything towards that line. Anything above the line gets brought down and anything below the line gets brought up. What’s actually causing the problem is your own psychology. Nerfs are seen as disempowering while buffs are seen as empowering. At least from your perspective when playing that character. As seen from the eyes of someone playing opposite that character the inverse is true. You now feel stronger and more capable playing against a character that has been nerfed while you feel weaker and less capable when playing against a character that has been buffed. So ignore the psychology and just balance the characters as needed.


can we start a main thread of characters we want buffed and add to it as the community supports a specific character more?

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Galilea was OP, but I took no issue with her after the second nerf. The point which Alani was released probably would have been on point as well (speculation only). I agree to meeting the middle ground. I just want the middle ground higher. It’s been getting lower, hence this post. I hope it gets enough responses to catch the eyes of GBX. If only…

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I agree completely

Can we totally get all the semi useless characters buffed… Everyone needs to be on par with the strong characters sitting there popping someone with 20 shots of 20-30 damage is garbage when they can 3 hit you or 1 ult destroy you… why cant every character feel that powerful?.. oh yeah lets not forget some of the really strong abilities out there like oscar mike fire nades, or orendi pillars… clearing a whole minion wave with one ability… maaaaybe make the minions / buildables a little resistant to skill damage… it just seems like so many times noone has to worry about the minion waves or buildables, they go down in a second… which is a big part of the game of pushing and defending… but it doesn’t actually feel important at times unlike in other mobas.

My opinion is that most of the characters are pretty well balanced, so GB should leave all of them where they are and bring the other characters towards that middle, whether that is done through a nerf or a buff. It doesn’t make sense to buff every character to be on the same level as the few OP characters.

But if everyone is OP then no one is lol.

Because of the drastic diverseness in character playstyles and abilities it’s difficult to balance everyone. For some players certain characters may feel OP when they’re against them but for others they’re not.

Most times it’s the excess or lack of CC/ Helix skills one character can stack that tends to determine OP or not. It would still require adjusting either way. I would rather you feel the epicness of each character rather than each bout feel long winded and frustrating.

If everyone was on par with each other damage wise then there’d be no point having 25 characters, you’d lose the diversity that different characters bring and roles would become blurred as every character would essentially function the same. Not every character is designed to kill other Battleborn, this is an objective game where some of the perceived weaker characters are among the best objective characters but they’re underused because their DPS or survivability is not as good as others.


Then they would have to buff every mission in story mode…every jenerret thrall every verlsi and that takes time and testing…or else the flux of biff characters make story mode boring and too easy. Double edge sword… every character gets buffed comparitivly to more op characters but you have to wait for them to buff every mission.

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as someone who absolutely despises running into alani and gali on the same team, i would completely support not nerfing either of them any further if they just buffed some other characters. seems like all the newer characters have stuns and tons of great cc that none of the closed test characters have. look at ghault, alani, shane, gali… they all have stuns, pulls galore. and lets be honest, the stun is the strongest thing in the game.

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Again, it’s about the middle ground. My point was the original six were all there. If the story was built around them at the “set bar” than it wouldn’t mean much to adjust from that point.

I think we should all remember that Gearbox dose have and intended number ranges the have the game operate within. Take a look at base HPs base Shields, and base damage and you get an idea of the range they want to work with. That range seems to be 10s and 100s. If they start buffing everyone that number range will soon change and all of the sudden all that ground work has gone out the window. What Gearbox needs from us is to just keep playing to the best of our ability to give them data to help them work out exactly what needs to be turned to keep a level playing field for all.

I feel like the terms Buff and Nurf alone have poor stigmaz attached to them. That is why Devs call it Balancing and not Nurf and Buff time! Weather it is a “Buff” to 10 chacters or a “Nurf” to 2 it serves the same purpose to balance the game.

The stigma that is attached just has people confused in to thinking one is good and the other is bad or vice versa. Try to keep in mind Gearbox dose everything they do to help support us as players and keep use all having a good time :slight_smile:


The default six are no guarantee of any desired state of balance, there’s no proof of that. Starter classes are generally picked to ease people in to the world and show them the basics of different playstyles or game mechanics. If any thing this means that the starter classes are meant to be the more well rounded, straightforward and/or flexible of their archetypes. Nor do I see any thing that makes them more fleshed out. If any thing Oscar Mike is one of the least fleshed out characters, just being a jack of all trades but lacking anything particularly special.