STOP using Cryo base weapons with Zane+Barrier Capstone BUFFED by recent hotfix changes?

Yo what’s up guys, I just wanted to make a quick meta post for all the zoomers in the subreddit.

TL;DR - here’s a video talking about all this and more, so you don’t have to read :slight_smile:

So this post is going to cover 3 topics when it comes to Zane players. Why you need to stop using so many cryo weapons, a new build and Zane buff! (in the recent hotfix), and which gear you should match with each build (stop using rough rider with calm cool collected, please)

So, I’m going to get right into the reason why you probably clicked on this post. Why you need to stop using cryo weapons in your CCC builds. So let me start by saying, I see so many people complaining about how Zane’s only elemental strength is cryo, BUT anointed and bosses aren’t affected or can’t be frozen by it! How is he supposed to beat these guys effectively?

The answer is to stop using cryo weapons! I know this sounds like a crazy tip, but you should not be running more than one cryo weapon (realistically) in your builds! And by the time you get to endgame and have the perfect loadout, you should have 0 cryo base weapons in your build. When it comes to freezing enemies, you have two best friends: Cryo Recurring hex grenade, and Anointed weapons with: While sentinel is active, gain 50% bonus elemental damage as cryo.

First the Cryo Recurring Hex, this was apparently nerfed in the last update, right? Maybe for everyone except Zane players, these grenades were modified to do more elemental DOT’s instead of damage, what does this mean for the cryo variant? They now have over 1000% Cryo Efficiency! Which is absolutely nuts, it basically takes 1 cryo nade to freeze enemies now! So definitely find cryo hex grenades and add them to your build, so your drone can drop them for you.

Next, I know anointed weapons are hard to come by, and you can’t always pick which ones you get. But you need to run fire weapons, corrosive weapons, radiation weapons, all with the cryo anointment. That way you will never run into any of the downsides of playing cryo weapons against Anointed Zealots, BUT you will reap the rewards of getting the extra freezing status while you have your sentinel activated. (which should be all the time because of ccc lol)

The last thing about this is put 5 points into brain freeze and hit your crits already!!!

Next in this meta post! I want to tell you all about a secret buff to Zane’s distributed denial capstone and the new upgrade to the CCC build.

You’ll never believe which update BUFFED Zane’s distributed denial capstone, that was almost unusable before, but now is probably what every CCC build needs to get a point into. It was Shield Boosters giving auto pickup! We all tested and tried out distributed denial with all our cool different shields, only to be disappointed by most, but I am here to tell you guys this thing works with Booster Shields! You will get double the boosters all over the ground everywhere, and it is so great to keeping your shields full, so that way when you trigger CCC you will get action skills refreshed almost every time! I want you guys to go test it out for yourself, but the shield you want to look out for is the Big Boom Blaster, this thing has a 60% chance to drop a booster that gives 60% shields back, a nade, and some heavy ammo. This thing is absolutely nuts, and I’ll have a build guide + video of how this build works coming soon, but I have to get the information out there for you all to know!

Finally, I want to make a quick guide to which build matches with which class mods/shield/artifact.

I wanna start this section by saying, I see so many people running rough rider with calm cool collected, and while this is a kinda cool combo, you are not only wasting 5 skill points in the first row of skills, you are also missing out on 20% weapon damage from Confident Competence. What this means, is the 20% weapon damage you gain from rough rider, is lost in the 20% damage from confident competence, meaning you basically aren’t wearing a class mod. If you just wear the right shield and use the right mod, you will do much more damage, and run smooth as well.

I’m going to organize this by Build, Action skills, Class Mod (which skill is most important), Shield, Artifact

CCC - Drone/Barrier - Executor(playing dirty) or Cold Warrioir(synchronicity) - Booster Shield or Recharger Shield - Icebreaker Victory Rush, or Ice breaker Otto Idol

Kill Skill - Drone/Clone - Infiltrator(violent momentum) - Rough Rider - Snowdrift Victory Rush

Infinite Clone - Barrier/Clone - Cold Warrior(synchronicity) - Booster Shield or Recharger Shield - Icebreaker Victory Rush

Infinite Nade - Clone/Grenade - Shockerator(pocket full of grenades) - Big Boom Blaster - Last Stand Victory Rush

^^^^^That’s right guys the Nade spam build is back! If you guys follow my posts(on reddit) or youtube at all, you know the Nade spam build is my child, and it was recently killed by the hotfix, making salvation not heal you for grenade damage anymore. And I just want to tell you guys the patch added other things to the game that makes the build possible again! I am super excited about this one, I have not ironed out all the details of the build yet, but once I do YOU KNOW you will be getting a nice new build guide, and a video! I’m probably going to be working on it by the time this post is posted.

Anyways guys I know this was a long one! So if you stuck around until this point hit me with a thumbs up, comment what you guys think of the new meta being Booster Shields! They’re super great now, and actually created variety and new builds like gearbox said they wanted! I’m really excited to play with these, and you all should try them out and test them, because they’re amazing!