Stop whining about a two week old game

The amount of unnecessary hate that is directed towards Borderlands 3 on this website on a daily basis is ridiculous. Every time I get on this website I see people complaining about a game that has only been out a couple of weeks. Yes there are issues with this game currently, there is no denying that. However, there are people working frantically right now to fix these issues.

I believe that a significant amount of the complaints directed towards this game stem from people comparing it to its predecessor Borderlands 2. A game that had YEARS of updates and fixes to help balance the content and make it more enjoyable.

Stop comparing a game, that had years of updates and fixes, to one that has only been out 2 weeks and has already had two hot fixes and one patch. They will fix the issues with this game if we give them time I’m sure of it.

I understand it is a major issue, however, so what you had all of the weapons in your bank disappear overnight? It only took you a couple weeks to farm that gear and it will only take you a couple weeks to farm it or to acquire it again through trade. This is an example of a significant glitch that currently exists, but hopefully will be patched out in the coming weeks.

I bought Borderlands 2 back in 2012 and have continued to play the game up until the release of Borderlands 3. I plan to do the same thing with this game. Patches will come, and with them, pacifiers to shut all of you babies up.

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Whining about whining about a 2 week old game.

I can smell the irony from here.


I believe that it is more constructive to point out the flaws with the game, and to discuss them in a civil manner, than it is to just complain about them for the sake of complaining. Am I wrong?

You think improvements via patches will come out, but don’t want people to discuss things that might make the game better.

I don’t understand the issue.


People arent complaining just to complain…if there is truth to what being complained about then its constructive criticism. This game isnt free…people have a right to be upset if a product doesn’t meet thier standards.


I have no issue with people discussing the issues with the game. I have issues when people aren’t discussing issues, rather they are shouting at the developers and acting like children. By all means discuss the issues. Just don’t act entitled and immature about it in the process.

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Okay. Point taken, and agreed with for the most part.

But: the forum rules set the limits of discussion, so do please flag troublesome posts, thanks.


Can you give an example of people shouting at developers?

I personally believe for something to be considered “constructive criticism” it must A. point out issues with the game, and B. Give feedback as to what could be done to improve the game. Posts titled “BL3 is a huge disappointment” that has no details whatsoever in the op as to why the game is a disappointment, is not constructive whatsoever. That is just one example of many for you.

If you have a problem with a post…why dont you address it in that post.

No reason to create a new post to talk smack about another post.

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Forgive me for being new to posting on forums. I am still figuring out how to format/link things. Here is one example for you.

So what? Endgame is not in a good place right now. Just saying what most of us are thinking.

When I think of abuse…

“Gearbox is stupid and they dont know what they are doing, …” stuff like that.

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This looks like it’s becoming an argument about arguing.