Stop with the surrender

Rage post inc.
207-280 Meltdown they had a team of 3 who were doing really well and our team had a bad start. BUT we started coming back, made one of their teammates rage quit and we’re well on our way to a comeback.

But because a couple people on our team weren’t doing so well and they couldn’t get kills they automatically declare the match over. If you’re having a bad match, tough… it happens.

People treat this game like CoD. Kills aren’t the most important thing in the game. Don’t need to take down the whole team just so you can start a new match in the hopes you’ll find some noobs to play against so you can make yourself feel good again. I’m barely getting any XP or leveling up my characters cause matches keep ending so shortly.

This is a match that can easily be won. Stop being quitters.


I too get annoyed when my team surrenders. Defeats are learning experiences. I like to observe the effective tactics of my enemies and adapt. Develop countermeasures. How can one learn and adapt when one is never challenged?


For the first time today my team is obviously winning and someone opt to surrender. I was like dafuq?! why in the world would you surrender when you’re winning!? Geez…

You can still WIN even if you’re not getting as much kills as the enemy team! Like today playing capture… we were down by over 10 kills and still won the game. Sigh… these quitters seriously…


Yeah even if you don’t win if you play through an entire match you get XP and credits. Quitting half way through gives nothing.

U do actually get command and character experience but very very little. I would prefer to drag the damn game longer even if I’m losing because that will increase the amount of rewards I get


At my level a half completed game might as well be nothing. I get more more XP and credits playing against bots than these half matches.

yeah exactly… can’t comprehend what these quitters thinkin

I think they care too much for “leaderboard” status. If they think they’ll get a negative KDR they’ll leave. But they can’t join a new game till the match in progress is over, so they try to get the whole team to quit too.


I’m SO glad that no one is allowed to quit and requeue for a new game in Versus… at least we won’t get f*cked midgame from someone who’s quitting

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Always give up! Always surrender!

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I played meltdown yesterday with a random team. We had a lead of 100 to zero and the enemy surrenders. I played in random teams that turned around worse Situations in meltdown

It should be some sort of gentlemen agreement to atleast play until
250 points in meltdown or the first sentry is down in incursion before a team surrenders

grinds are WAYYYY too long to motivate a lot of players to do anything but bail on matches that look hopeless

yeah you can sometimes make a miraculous comeback but most of the time you are just wasting your effort and staying another 5-15 minutes will make almost zero difference in your rewards for the current match while delaying your ability to get a possible win in a new match

so i guess it is a motivation driven by the burn out grind of this game, especially for solo players


It as basically a 3v5 their assassin left and OM was falling behind in level. We had both lanes dominated once their teammate left and we caught up 100 points in no time. Our Reyna was a bit behind in levels but not drastically. Plus she’s a support character so as long as she backed up team fights popping shields occasionally with me healing our assassins we could easily keep back the enemy team.

They giftwrapped a comeback but without mentioning names 3 players voted yes on surrender and it just so happened to be the 3 teammates who weren’t doing so great. They don’t realize a few team battles with the numbers advantage would easily level them back up but no they don’t want to ruin that KDR.

When we’re 4 v 5 (or worse yet 3 v 5) and the enemy team is annihilating us I WILL surrender. The game makes no attempt to even-the-playing-field whatsoever. It needs fixing urgently, I almost feel like leaving the game immediately as soon as I see that we’re outnumbered knowing that I won’t be wasting my time winning a battle which cannot be won.

I don’t have a problem with that. That’s what the surrender is there for.

It wasn’t like we had a small chance to win, we were in the processing of winning actually. But it seems like a lot of people will leave or surrender if their game isn’t going 100% perfectly in their liking. As if they don’t care whether the team is winning or not, they only care about their own personal numbers. Which is probably the reason they aren’t doing so great.

I just hate it when players abuse the surrender cause they don’t like their match up. Surrender should be used if there’s no chance of winning due to an unfair situation. Some players surrender even when the team is winning, it’s cause they don’t care if the team is winning… they just want out cause they’re not 10 and 0


yeah, that’s pretty pathetic considering they had half as many teammates. I know your situation was different but i have no problem if the other team has half as many team members and wants to quit without giving our team a chance to steam roll them. I play capture, so maybe it’s different but i really don’t see a lot of surrenders. And when they do finally surrender, it’s because they were absolutely hopelessly gone. I used to get mad about that too, but then i realized it was only bothering me cuz i wanted to beat the crap out of a hopeless team. We all know how fun that is (I know Gal players sure as hell do)!.
But in all seriousness I agree with the op. Surrendering at the slightest hint of defeat is not cool and I’m glad I don’t see a whole lot of that in capture (I’m sure it happens tho).

Oh just remembered that I was in a capture match where we were winning by over 100 points but they had like the cheesiest cheese team I ever saw and people were already voting surrender lol. I voted against surrender the first time…not the second :frowning:

Only the winner gets more, but the losing team gets the same like surrendering.
And if you take a look at gain per hour it´s more effective to surrender a hopeless match than playing through this mess getting stomped like crazy because your teammates refuse to listen to tips/advise you give them (they´re all level 2-6), you´re level 50+ and have a lot of knowledge since CTT and the enemy is completly level 50+ premade.

Just had a match where they all had no items, ignored shards except at the start where they didnt punch them and afterwards didnt collect them once, had no single minions kill, just pvped all together in one lane while i tried to hold the other one.
after 2 minutes it was already 200 - 3 (the only 3 we got was on my lane).
There was no way to comeback since the snowballing already kicked in hard because of the rampant feeding of my teammates (all of them had already 10 deaths).
Funniest thing is, that after each friendly advice they said “shut up noob, learn to play” and all that other stuff that toxic players say…

These matches are the reason we need a surrender button, because we, the losing team, won´t earn more if we keep getting stomped than surrendering.