Stopping corrupted saves on one machine (of two)


I justalled BL3 on of my machines - while it runs almost perfectly (with minor bugs here and there), it basically runs very solidly. On machine # 2, which is basically identical to machine #1, BL2 barely runs at all, despite a lot of troubleshooting that I have attempted: Here are the facts:

  1. Machine #1 is a general purpose machine with a GTX 1080 card. The only significant difference with machine #2 is that it (#2) is a dedicated games machine with a GTX 1080Ti instead of a 1080 non-Ti.

  2. Both machines have the same motherboard, and RAM, and run the same latest Nvidia drivers. All drivers in both machines are up to date.

  3. The games machine (machine #2) has the game installed on a Samsung NVMe SSD, while the general purpose machine has the game installed on a spinning drive (much longer, slower load times).

  4. BL3 on the games machine runs so poorly that it is not even usable - it crashes Windows 10 to a bluescreen randomly, as well as simply locking up, freezing, and crashing with Windows still running sometimes.

The problem is, I am enjoying my progress on machine #1, but I don’t want to lose my progress while troubleshooting machine #2. Machine #2 runs so poorly that it has actually corrupted my cloud save, so I can’t spend any time or effort troubleshooting machine #2 without fear of losing the progress I made on machine #1.

If I disable cloud saves on machine #2, will it be safe to leave my cloud saves enabled on machine #1? Can I then SAFELY troubleshoot machine #2?

BTW, since machine #2 is a dedicated games machine, I can tell you that every other game I own runs flawlessly on it except for this one game. Also, all of my other games are Steam versions and this is my first one on the Epic server. Since I checked virtually every other solution to the crashing problem, along with the fact that this game has MUCH longer load times than any of the previous Borderlands games, could this be due to either the Epic server itself or the Denuvo copy protection?

Any advice would be welcome once I am confident that my game saves will be safe.