Storage as it relates to other games

Do you remember the good old days in games like Fallout 3 where you could go find a locker or cabinet somewhere and just hoard all your items in there? It didn’t really matter where it was, as long as you remembered where it was.

Or Diablo 1 where the floor was your giant storage showcase?

And more recently, Minecraft essentially lets you create infinite storage of items. You do run out of space in your chests but you can always chop down a tree, grow another tree in it’s place and go create another chest.

Then we have Borderlands 2 and TPS with backpack limits of around 40 and bank storage that’s smaller than our backpacks, ironically. I created this topic not so much to complain but just to talk about it, compare and contrast.

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Oh my god I have notes, big notes, of all my Fallout 3 / New Vegas stashes…just…everywhere…whereever I happened to be and all the stuff I was hoarding became too heavy!

Oh the memories!

I think in Borderlands they wanted it to be less about hoarding and more about constantly replacing what you find with cool new stuff.

(Fallout 3) I managed to consolidate all my stuff into one of the games primary hideouts. At first I just started hoarding in a locker in a structure in a settlement on top of a busted overpass.

In my Megaton home I discovered there is actually a limit to how much you can put in a locker…I think I had every one of them full!

I dont recall anymore.

elder scrolls was like this as well, some chests were glitchy but you could store an ‘infinite’ amount of items in them. i dont uderstand why it is an issue or why they give us limited space. the backpack and bank should go on adding 3 at increments of 50.
250-300-350-400-450-500-500-500 ad infitum


In Oblivion you just load your homes up with all the loot you gathered.

300 hour in skyrim. my houses were JAMPACKED fulla stuff. each chest had specific stuff. one for armor unenchanted, one for ores, one for gems, one for soul gems, one for jewlery, one for enchanted armor, one for weapons, and so on. god that is a great game. still havent finished the main questline… i hope for the next elderscrolls we get multiplayer like they do here for borderlands

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I think also for Borderlands the more loot any given character has in storage and inventory, the longer the game will take to load?

I remember in BL2 they literally could not release any more content because it would make the game too big and it would crash or something like that…

That’s right. There’s a finite amount of memory available, and item stats take up more than most people expect when loading.

but why doesnt it affect other games? they have stats too and it doesnt affect them. im seriously asking why it affects this game but not others. pardon my ignorance :smile:

It probably does affect other games.

It is just those houses were other areas. Since nothing else happened there, it didn’t matter what resources were wasted on loot.

It would be the same in a BL game if we had safe houses that were special areas, but we would not want huge backpacks.

Actually thinking about this … there was a modded piece of gear in BL2 that gave a user unlimited backpack space. It did not affect game play, but opening the backpack took forever if you had a lot of stuff in it. After someone dropped that on me, I quickly got rid of it as I hated the slow backpack.

you could find chests to use in very large outdoor regions. like in skyrim in the main map there were tons of chests sitting around outside. you may be right @rcole_sooner but it doesnt quite add up.

Ever played Skyrim on console? Every time my one game does an auto-save, I go make a cup of tea or something. It’s about the perfect timer for a soft-boiled egg…

Edit: I see you have played Skyrim. On console or PC?

As I understand it- and I could be wrong- the game loads all of the existing equipment on loading the level, ready to be used. It’s not just accessed when you equip it. Item data is much more than just the stats you see on the card.

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Plus, every piece of gear in Borderlands are pretty graphic intensive.

Like, they all look amazing, even if they suck.

That can’t be said for every piece of gear you find in Fallout / Skyrim / Oblivion / Diable, etc.

I wonder if the complexity of the weapons generation system itself a huge system resource eater?

Think of all the variables involved and all those stats for EVERY SINGLE PIECE OF GEAR!

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I got my backpack to 85 in borderlands 2 by turning in missions that gave me weapons and doing the “hold X to replace current item” feature. My backpack did get slower to open. But I think it has to do with how the game renders the items. Maybe that could have been done a little differently. For example, if they had rendered the items in lower detail when sitting in your backpack. But when you equip them, they render in higher detail.

Plus, the Inspect feature…

And so many different individual elements coming together to make each piece of equipment, that’s all got to add up!


Destiny loads up stuff noticeably slower. Probably because:
a) your save is stored on the server
b) it loads up the screen and then the details start filling in over the next 10 seconds or so. So you load up your backpack and you see a bunch of filled slots but no detailed graphics. Then images start to load up and fill in the prettiness. Kind of like how Borderlands levels load. We enter the game and a bunch of the textures are still undetailed. But within 10 seconds the higher res images load.

Borderlands items are a bunch of stats that combine to load up 3d models, static images, textures for the parts, etc… So yea. Agreed. It’s fancy and we pay for it by having slightly less backpack space. Also I remember seeing something they said about how they felt players of any experience do start to overwhelm themselves by storing too many items.

There are probably optimizations that could be done to load up things more on the fly for items in the backpack. It would be nice for a future borderlands game anyhow.

What I’d like to see is some sort of weapon hall, even if it’s at the main menu. It would show you all the gear you’ve acquired, regardless of level and it would allow you to send items to your characters with in game costs or limitations (moonstone costs for example and maybe the item wouldn’t be droppable for anyone else and it’s sell value would be 0). Preferably it would be accessed in game rather than the menu.