Storage in the next Borderlands

Continuing the discussion from OP mode - considerations for this type of mode going forward:

Yes. They say that they want you to replace older gear with newer, better gear. Which really only works until the level cap. You might even toss a legendary if you spot a higher level version of it. But once I hit the final level cap, I start having trouble with inventory space. And usually any level legendary I want to keep as a trophy for having found it. And the memories associated with destroying with it are fun to look back on or even relive if you transfer it to a new low level character.

And as you start to play more and more at the level cap you have more and more tossing decisions to make, until you come to the point where there is a fantastic item sitting on the ground that you just can’t pick up. Which is when I load up a mule to take a load off my back.

Mules aren’t the problem. They are what we do because they made the game too deep. Too many situations to account for. Too many different ways to play even the same class. Too many unique pieces of gear. Too many classes. Too many class mods. Etc… So we store a lot of stuff because we know a bunch of it is useful or might be useful. Sometimes we’re not sure until later. Then we got legendary drops that we’re not sure we’ll ever see again, so we hoard those too. And we see stuff that we want to hand off to our other characters and pick that up and often hold onto for a bit.

I could see dealing with a 33 to 40 max inventory space if it was just the main game, no DLC, 4 characters and only 50 levels. The original release. It would still be tight and over time I’d still have problems at the level cap. But each DLC should have added like 10 slots. And each level cap raise should have added 5 slots.

And maybe I’ll always run out of room, even if I have 200 slots. But I’m fine with that. What would help tremendously is if our vaults were shared amongst our characters. Because I could easily detect and remove duplicate items and share gear very easily. Until we get more storage, mules are the infinitely growable bank vaults.

I’m beginning to picture a hall with my “banks”. It would be an auto sorting piggy bank or something. There would be an area where you could simply drop an item into your bank and it would be sorted into the collection. The hall would have a bank for each gun type, item type, etc… Want to get an SMG from your bank? Walk up to the SMG bank. Want a shield, go to your shield bank. Each bank could store 50~ of it’s type. And there would also be a special machine in the bank hall that showed you things across all your banks in various groupings, fire element, shock element, slag/ice, non-elemental, jacobs, tediore, maliwan, OP3, OP6, etc… If it was a long list it could be pag-inated (go to the bottom or top, hit next page to see the next 25). Perhaps you can put an item into any bank and a message would come up saying, “added to the sniper bank” if it was a sniper even though you were in the SMG bank.

I know I’m pipedreaming, but this is the kind of thing that would really help me with the long term end game that Gearbox envisioned, but somehow they envisioned with a bank space + backpack space that just isn’t large enough. Bank, also, logically should be larger than your backpack. Don’t shrink the backpack space. And they should definitely increase the capacity of both.


I’ve run into the same issue @ level 72 with now picking up more Legendary weapons. As I get to test them out with my character, It may or not be a good fit, Sometimes I’d just like to keep it for certain situations. This goes for some of my ‘go-to’ regular weapons also. Sure there are many items I don’t use much at all but it’s good to have the choice if I want to.
Not so much now as I have to dump them to pick up that Leg and then see if it fits my style.
More Vault space or bigger BP would be great but how about another storage unit that might cost you something to access. Probably not $$ since that’s easy, But Eridium or Crystals. Maybe time delay to access it, X amount of times during a 5-10hr period. (game time)
They have a crazy amount of weapons in the game and yet they only give you a limited space to keep them.


After 2/3 years, I still fail to see a problem with the backpack/bank sizes myself. Only having one mule with very few items.
You can just overstuff your characters backback by keeping quest rewards, and exchanging them for the gear you want to keep.

Diablo 3 nailed the shared character stash and amount of items each character can carry. I would be overjoyed if BL3 had a similar system.

I liked the diablo 2 inventory and storage system but for borderlands it would need to be expanded. If someone doesn’t know what Diablo 2 storage system was just ask.

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I think the problem for me at least, is that the bank was rather inaccessible (have to travel to Sanctuary and then walk into Crimson Raider HQ) and also not really that large. If it could’ve been accessed from any fast travel station, and had a much higher maximum capacity, I would actually use it. As it stands, I suspect I will want to mod the game (on PC, so no terms of use agreement getting in the way, to my knowledge at least) and increase my backpack size substantially.

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Both Diablo 3 and Destiny store items by type in your backpack. Which makes it easier to use too.

While that works, overstuffing the backpack is annoying to do. Picking something up involves either keeping a lame weapon in your weapons slot so you can swap it for something on the ground. OR going to look for a lame item to equip so you can swap it for something on the ground. Other problems include not being able to pick up skins or items your class can’t equip, and being unable to trade with people.

However it is an interesting reward for playing and resetting UVHM. Each time you get more overstuffed backpack space from quest rewards.

All that said, it’s probably what I’m going to do next with all 6 vault hunters at level 70. It kind of lifts the burden of raising a ton of mules. And resetting the playthrough is what I want to do with them anyhow. And probably unequipping some of my best gear so I can experience growth again, even at level 70. I’m also interested in hunting down badass challenges for a prestige.

I remember filling my inventory with those gems to try to level them up and running out of space all the time. The neat thing about inventory management in Diablo 1 and 2 was how each item took up differing amounts of space visually and it was kind of like tetris to fit everything. All that said I prefer Diablo 3’s storage system to 1 and 2.

Never played 3 so idk how it worked. But if let’s say class mods took up less space than rocket launchers than storage would be less of a problem.

Yea. In borderlands if I could store 8 pocket size class mods where a rocket launcher was that would rock.

As for how diablo 3 worked, just picture the character portrait or a human figure with arms spread. Now, if you clicked your arm you could then see what type of arm based armor you could equip there. And maybe you had 3 of those out of your max of 20 pieces of arm armor. Then you click your head next to see that you have 10 helmets out of your possible max limit of 25. Basically each category of gear does NOT count against the other categories max carry. or look at a youtube if I explained this poorly. hahha.

I understand what you mean that’s sounds cool it could work for borderlands

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Definitely and it’s appreciated.

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One large, shared vault (say max 100 slots) would be nice. Having Stash separated from vault never made much sense to me.

Also, either keeping the last ammo & backpack sdu’s available for purchase would be nice as well.
The max cap in BL is something like 72 if you managed to get all the claptrap rescue sdu’s, which is/was also nice.

Not sure why they chopped it down so much in 2 and TPS…which became nigh pointless, as there were so many ways around the cap ( exploit & otherwise ).


Forget the vault. I want a museum for my guns. An archive for every single weapon I ever collect with a price paid to digistruct a copy into my hands. I will not settle for less.


This is the best idea yet. But with all the random guns and things you pick up the museum would be half the city

Ha. Like a mansion built out of other, smaller, mansions?

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Yepp I see what you did there.

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They could take tips form MMO’s, in the form of Clan Banks

In WoW, you purchase a bank for the Clan, and give Clan members different access rights, and you can then increase the Bank Size by paying.

I would make the Bank also the Stash, and each character can pay Iridium to increase its size, but you automatically get 1 TAB per character, to a max of “However many different classes there are”, so in BL2, that would be 6 TABS.

As you cannot access the Bank without going to Sanctuary/Claptraps place, all that data does not need remembering until you enter those zones, so your backpack can still stay at Max 39, and it won’t effect gameplay.

The Bank Slots would still cost more Eridium to increase, incrementally, so while every character you have can increase the size, it always costs the next increment level, not resetting and starting at 4 for a new character.

I understand Backpacks need a maximum as its data to be stored during the entire game, but the bank is only accessed in 2 places, and only needs to be loaded in those 2 places.


For me it’s less about space than convenience: each of my character has a bank that can reach about 35 spots, and 4 extra for Claptrap’s stash. As a total amount, it’s enough really.

But storing stuff and loading a 2nd character in split screen or using the Stash and then loading the character you want to give it to… Of successively loading all your characters because you don’t remember who has that particular gun in his bank… That’s bothersome.

If the goal is to limit the total amount of storage available, then it fails: anyone can create mules, which defeats the limit purpose but make the whole process even more awkward and tedious.

I’d much rather have a single shared bank with about 200 slots that all characters can access tied to the account. It would make mules pointless (as they would have almost no storage space on their own) streamline the whole process for everyone.

If it seems too much, they could always reduce the size of the backpack instead: faster loading times, more interesting choices on the spot and more importance given to “what do I bring for this?” Instead of “I’ll just bring everything I have just in case” adds an interesting dimension to the game at high level while making choices during the game more important.

The present system serves no one properly IMO.