Storage in the next Borderlands

This reminds me of another thing Destiny does right. Legendary drops that you don’t pick up (because you didn’t see it or couldn’t fit it) are sent to your mailbox back in town. I guess your mailbox can fill up but I try to keep that empty.

How that could translate to borderlands? again, the concept of being able to send something straight to your bank or a mailbox in town would be great. I don’t know what the system would be for when your mailbox or bank fills up, but there’s probably something that would work out decently.

Along the lines of remembering all variations of stuff I’ve received, I think I understand what someone was suggesting. When you spawn a vehicle you configure your choices, then it renders and shows something. That could be a method of pulling stuff from your gun bank/archive.

And I’ve always been a fan of legendary item rescue too. If the game is going to drop something awesome/rare, then it would be nice if it didn’t just fly off a cliff. Or even if it did, that it would be sent to you anyhow. And for those cases when you drop something, intending for it to hit the floor and it gets buried in a rock or under the floor, yes, please respawn it next to me. Sure I guess that could be a little harder to detect than “item falls into the void”, but maybe not.

@Matrixneo42: Brings to mind my suggestion about a system of customizable class mods: Desires For Borderlands 3

Would help immensely with storage space if you could change out the boosts instead of having to keep multiple variants of the same mod.

@Matrixneo42 / @Piemanlee: ‘Tetris inventory’, they call it. Saw that in Resident Evil 4, honestly hated it.

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Gimme 200 backpack slots. As someone mentioned, when it comes to class mods, they take up the most backpack SDU’s. Class mods are very important in this game, but with the plethora of class mods, I like to keep all of them. You never know if you are going to need a class mod, say for shotgun fire rate and damage, fire rate, magazine capacity, reload speed etc. You run into so many different situation, you never know what you will need. If I recall, on Borderlands, you could get a max SDU of between 69-72, and after getting so many legendaries, bring in the mule. Pain in the arse (I must have 20 mules, and always forget who has which!

For those discussing museums, display cases etc: I seem to recall a comment from gearbox (a long time ago) about how they don’t perceive the vault hunters as the kind of folk to settle down, being as they are wild-eyed loners in the wastelands, always fighting and moving on in a romantic and mysterious way. And all that. So a museum doesn’t really fit that concept.


Maybe that could change in BL3. Or perhaps it would be more of a small digital museum (the size of a closet or a Tardis, bigger on the inside, the gunshelves in the matrix construct) that they digitize themselves into (kinda like how we digitized ourselves into claptrap). And that could allow the concept of someone walking into your collection to view it (read-only).

Yea. I love that concept. Class mods never please me as they are now. It always seems like there’s wasted points or bonuses that I won’t use. Very rarely do I find something that boosts me just the way I want. And even if I do, I regret not being able to use another one too that boosts other things I’d want to boost. And then there’s how I am often not pleased by legendary coms for being too generic and not focused enough (why not something that is like a purple class mod but boosting more skills?). Or how there’s certain skills that only get boosted by blue rarity class mods.

I’m personally against all of the “museum” ideas and getting a copy of any weapon you’ve ever found digistructed into your backpack any time you like. Those things kinda go against the whole point of the game, in my opinion. I’m also very much against a ridiculously huge/infinite number of slots in the bank. You’re not supposed to be hoarding or collecting too much stuff in this game, even if you want to. I do however, agree that we need a few more slots in the bank. The storage problem only genuinely arises when you wanna keep gear meant for multiple builds on the same character and still have space left in your backpack, but I honestly believe that having just 100 slots (maybe even less) should be more than enough to keep all the gear you need for at least three or four different builds.

For the museum or display area idea I don’t remember if I suggested being able to digistruct any gear you’ve ever found for a price. But if I did it wasn’t on purpose as I’m completely against the idea of buying any gun. But yeah double are current storage and I’ll be happy.


My post wasn’t directed at anyone in particular, as I’ve seen a lot of people suggest the same thing before. I don’t think it was you who suggested being able to digistruct all the gear you ever found into your backpack, it was just a different idea that came from the museum one. I honestly don’t think there’s such a huge storage problem in the game as some other players do. I also think that simply doubling the current capacity for the bank should fix most of it.

Yes a simple doubleing of the bank would fix it so I don’t have to have a Max inventory to store my gear along with my.Max bank.

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Very true. Yet it reminds me of what they say after you beat Jack and the Warrior.
Before going off to hunt vaults “DIBS”…They needed to take time and rebuild the shields and bury their fallen.
Sounds like they’re staying put for a bit. And any rebuilding project needs a storage shed for tools and supplies. :smiley:


Sounds good to me.

I never really had inventory issues until lately in UVHM. Finally I’ve been getting a Butt Stallion load of legendaries yet I still like to use my purple go-to weapons. Of course I can weed out as space requires but as some mentioned about ‘builds’ I’m trying to hang on to some for that purpose. For me it’s the relics. There’s so many I’d like to use for certain situations but have to weed them out sometimes never even getting to use them. But that’s my play style.

I’m not looking for a huge space increase but a few wouldn’t hurt.
What about a new storage slot that if you put a certain Shield-Relic-Mod combo as a ‘build’? That way it frees up 3 slots for 1. Something like that.

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@Matrixneo42 There’s also the Allegiance relics being able to hold all three abilities as opposed to just two. If that happened, there’s some more space.

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Relics are another thing that could use improvement. I want a dedicated defense relic slot and a dedicated offense relic slot. So I could wear something that improves FFYL time and at the same time, something to improve my DPS.

In general I prefer the TPS oz kits anyhow as they are more general than specific. If you want to improve all gun damage, you can use tranquility. If you want to improve fire rate for all guns, use a different kit. I don’t bother with duality kits because I want my kit to be consistent and not dependent on atmosphere or not. My point being that I prefer using skills and items that help me with any guntype rather than making me feel like I’m not being optimal because I’m not using a certain guntype that my gear or skills specifically boost.

If that was easier to toggle on the fly (no respec needed, and maybe gear could be configured?) then that would be better. But still annoying. Despite all that I do like the sniper rifle based stuff in Lady Hammerlock’s tree.


I want my storage in the next Borderlands to consist of a deliciously warm. fur lined pouch that’s attached to Christina Hendricks. I’ll stash my gear in it like a mad marsupial.


@Matrixneo42 I think I mentioned (or addressed) being able to equip two relics simultaneously for:

  • enhanced offense
  • enhanced defense
  • O/D mix
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How about storage chests? We open plenty of them, why not add those in the game so we can purchase them to store our loot. They could add an option at vending machines so you can send your gun to your vault/storage for fee if you don’t feel like traveling to put it there your self.

I mentioned maybe having a small shack in whatever city the next game is based around. Kinda like fallout where you would have 3 or 4 chest you could store things in they would have a limit unlike fallout tho.

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Knowing the developers, They may make you have to listen to ‘Love Shack’ every time you accessed it. :smiley: