Storage is too small and it killes the experience

Hey Gearbox !

I am a huge Fan of your Borderlands games. I also love your new one. I can get lost in it , i love the humor and the story is ok too. I like the way you handle the loot, its always a pleashure to wallow in huge piles of loot. Unfortunetly it is all i can and will do, wallow in it and go on to find the next pile of Loot. Now i feel like i am in a MMO like ESO. where you cant have that space you really need to store everything you want. it completly kills the Shoot and Loot cycle i am so addicted to. I simply cant take any more stuff. Every single char of mine has full invetory and the bank space is not nearly enough. I started to sell annointed items, for new annointed items. It breaks my Heart every time i have to do this. I also dont wana make hundrets of mule chars just for the sake of it. Please consider a more generous way to store loot. It is very Important, otherwise i cant continou playing. I have to make a breake and hope this will be better when i am back again. Dont render every item in the Bank. I am shure you already have a Good idea for it. Pleas let us keep the weapons you have created for us, so we can apreciate it the way its ment to be. Thank you.
Friendly greetings.

There are already many topics on storage space, please contribute to those instead of making new ones.