Storage space concerns

I’ve already seen topics on this but I want to add my reiteration that storage space needs to increase. There are more legendaries in the game alone than can be stored at max storage. Not to mention, other interesting weapons of other rarities and the fact that future dlc will only add to the list. I hope you guys are thinking about ways to add storage space to the bank or backpack or even taking a cue from games like Destiny 2 that give you a “collection” of gear you have already earned that can be repurchased at will. Its tough to decide which weapons, grenades, and mods you want to keep when you may have to delete one just to try out a new one. The game is amazing, you guys absolutely killed it, and this is really my only major concern. It IS a looter game after all. Thanks for taking the time to get feedback!

Edit: when is say "weapons of other rarities, I mainly mean the guns that have “alien” components. Many of those are as unique and interesting as the legendaries!


i’ve seen people say that they most likely wont, because the way they made the inventory screens makes it so that the game fully renders every item, so the more there is, the bigger the performance impact, i suppose the only way around this would be Vault ‘Pages’ like destiny 2 has.

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Are you kidding me? They make a new game, and make THE SAME mistake again?
I dont wanna use 12 hours making mule characters that is a pain to use.
Real casual player even have storage problems! Then how can those who wanna farm Mayham 3 and enjoy ALL of the content even get what the game offers? No point having 200+ different Legendaries if you cant store them for later… 50 Storage is nothing! Give me 500 and I keep playing the game…

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