Storage upgrade bug on PS4?

I have purchased 2 storage upgrades in Borderlands 2 (Handsome Collection) and they did not appear. I still only have 12 spaces in my backpack when I should have 16. Anybody know about this?

Also, my shield shows a capacity of 416, yet my shield strength is only 368. Any ideas on this one as well?

I’m sure you bought a Bank upgrade instead your character backpack. Bank is two more slots, backpack is three.
The second is weird, which character you are playing and what shield is affected? Or all the shields?

What character and build/class mod/Oz kit? It could be that you’re specced into, or have equipped, something that actively reduces shield capacity.

You can use this site to share your current build if you need to:

Thsnks, you’re probably right, I didn’t buy backpack upgrades. The shield thing was because of a character mod that decreased shied by that much

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