Storing Energy Rifts

I feel like Kleese early game might be better if he could store his rifts, like WF does with scrap shots, and use them one after the other. His CD on the rifts are 12 seconds (i think) so to use all three he would have to wait 36secs + cast time. I “think” that early game this can allow kleese to burst zone out melee heros. Also give him a quick way to counter melee when he has all 3 rifts stored. Remeber it would be 36 secs from 0 to 3 rifts and 48 for 4. You can still spot plant them, but i think this would help his early game while not making him broken.

Sadly I don’t think that’s a great idea. Because that makes him set up a perimeter to quickly. Imagine being in incursion and you killing kleese. Now the hole time he is running back and is building up rifts. The moment he gets back into the action he has at least 3 rifts back up instantaneously. Sorry but I cannot agree with that at all. Not to mention if you already have a network up your just building 4 (if you chose that helix option) store rift again. So literally once on goes down you can put it back up again. Seems that would make him broken.

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I think having to waiting 36 - 48 secs + cast time to deploy the all once balances it out. If he drops 3 all at once then he cant drop another 3 for another 36 sec or 24 sec. So if he is being chased and he has none stored it won’t really change anything. It would be also useless VS high AOE so its not like it would unbeatable. It basically make the give the player the choice of using all your cards at onces, or spreading them out over time. Not to mention Rift are good at peeling, but most players will back off from the when they see one around. They arn’t going to stand in a farm of Rifty Rift death, so even if Kleese uses them when he is cornered i would more like a defensive measure over an offensive.

Also if the CD stays 12 seconds it would’t really matter if once goes down and you rebuild another one. You can already do that. If you wan’t to make feel more even then just increase the CD to like 15 sec for more than one deloyed rift.

Think Kleese should be able to plant in a spot, and defend it. But if you use a 12 CD rift and its destroyed in 6 seconds then you can’t really substain that spot.

Just IMO, but kleese has a horrible early game, and almost ever Hero easily counters / kill him before lvl 8 he needs something.

Every healer/ support has a bad early game. Miko doesnt come online as a good healer until lvl 3 with the added 13 to heal beam imo. Renya cannot do a lot until either you opt for the homing plasma or the slow to secure kills for your team at lvl 2 and still isn’t great until the heal with overshield. Even Ambra as a heal doesn’t do much until you get the added boost to her healing orbs. Supports usually offset bad early game buy buying build ables and just trying for assists.

Also with everyone being a counter for him that’s true to some extent being a massive hit box and all but he shouldn’t be that close to the danger. He’s not an attacker at all minus the taser. I use him as a total support and hit people with the taser as the try to run away. I’m there to shut an area down and provide slows and cover fire. But maybe that’s not how he is suppose to be played.

I disagree Miko can still give a decent amount of substain, and general keep himself alive in the process. Reyna can still be played agreesive early game as long as she is paired with someone and can OS. Alani…dude Alani. Even if support/ healer are suppose to work the side lines the can still hold thier own. And we are talking about Lvl 3 Miko and Lvl 2 Reyna. I can’t even think of going toe to toe with Kleese until level 8. Not to mention he basically one of the biggest heros with some of the lowest HP.

Setting 3 rifts takes only 24 secs + casts, 36+ for all 4 rifts. You don’t have to wait 12 seconds after last one is set.

from 0 to 3 it would take 36 aned 0 to 4 it would be 48. I think you making the assumption that i was referring to having a single rift ready to use. I mean if you have 3 stored and use them all you have to wait for all 3 to be charged to use all three at the (relatively) same time. You would skill have to wait 12 sec for each one to charge. Its kinda like WF scrap shoot with the 3 round perk. It stores three but for each shot you have to wait like 11 seconds? for another shot.

Yes, one is ready. Why not?

You’re coming to the spot, your skills are ready. You set first ER, wait 12 second, set second ER, wait 12 seconds, set third ER. That’s it: three ERs after 24 seconds + cast time. If you’re setting fourth ER, it’s 36 seconds + cast for all four ERs.

I understood what you mean, just fixing your numbers.

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Thats if you have none ready if you store 3 and use 3 you have 0. So from 0 to 3 ER not from 1 to 3. 12 sec CD times 3 rifts is 36 seconds.

How can you have none ready? It only happens when you just placed one ER and you skill went to cool-down. It’s not that kind of sutiation we discuss.

Dude if you use an energy rift you have no enegry rifts until the CD resets. So you have no enegry rifts at the until then. I have no idea how to explain this more simple beside basic math.

1er - 1used er = no er ready for 12 sec

I think what @maskerader is trying to say is that Kleese already can ‘store’ one energy rift the way his skill works now, since the cd only goes up once you have one energy rift on the field. Thus, if you want to set up all three, you’d go cast, 12s cd, cast second, 12s cd, cast third, which would leave 3 rifts from a 24s cd.

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I don’t feel it’s necessary. I personally enjoy learning cooldowns for characters, and having it influence their playstyle. I like the current cd because it forces you to ask if you’re ready to place a rift. Is this most effective for my team? Will they decide to push in the next few seconds? I don’t know, I like it. It also keeps him from running around and collecting shards during that one long cd, versus i normally can only do so much if i want to place rifts back to back. I think it’s good.

I can see where you coming from, but kleese early game is horrid. And he not that effective against most. Think hes is good vs Gal, Boulder, and maybe Kelvin. But long to mid range kills him easy, and so do high dps melee. He isn’t good at 1v1 until about lvl 8. Granted he is a support, but his survivability early game vs anyone just sucks. Most effective way i been playing him is with shard regen and just buying big boys when ever i can.