Storm Front and the TMNR

Is the Storm Front dropped from whichever rat you kill last?
Is the drop rate for each individual rat the same as all other drop rates for other badasses (not enemies like loot midgets of course)?
Does Flinter also drop it?

I did a quick run through yesterday, once for the mission and 5 times just farming for a storm front and the jerks didn’t drop me one. IT’S MY FAVORITE GRENADE!

I then set the game to 4 player difficulty and tried again, still no luck. Game, y u hate me?

My storm fronts came from the Torgue vending machine and a random LLM or chubby (forget which)

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Loot Midgets here. Great for stacking Bloodlust with K.

Heh heh, 30 minutes after making this I tried again and finally got it. Turns out, any of the 4 can drop it and it does NOT have to be from the last one. Whoever I killed first dropped it.

Oddly enough though, it took 3 more tries and I got a Gunnerang from the red Dahl chest by Flinter before getting the Storm Front dropped. angry fist

Wait storm fronts from the torgue vending machine???

Hmm - nope, it probably wasn’t from there. Sorry - been a long day, my brain is fried, and I just had some weirdness with XBLive going down that had me freaked out for a bit. The Torgue grenades would be the Bonus Package, which has a similar yet different effect.

bonus package and rolling thunder are the nades from the torgue machine

This protein-guzzling buffoon is here to ask one question, and one question only: “EXPLOSIONS?”

@kritchie2023 Joking aside, it doesn’t matter who (among the five) you kill – it just has an increased chance to drop from the four brothers.

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You probably got the rolling thunder from the tourge vending machine or the Bonus package,you can’t get the Stormfront from the Tourge DLC (tubbies might be able to drop it,I barely get tubbies though so I can’t confirm it)

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