Storm Front drop rate

I’ve been farming Traunt in Athenas for a few days on and off and the Grenade won’t drop. TVHM mayhem 3. At least 40 kills so far. About half offline solo and half online with a friend.

Anyone seen it drop over the weekend, say after Oct 4th?

I’ve been farming Jakob’s Estate loot tink offline nvhm mh3 the few days and have seen a few of these. Was playing on my lunch hour today and another one dropped.

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Just a heads up. I don’t think Traunt has any dedicated drops, just higher quality world drop chances in general. He is a great farming source, but just not for anything specific.

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Don’t get your hopes too high, grenades as a whole seem pretty rare.

Its all RNG. I have a better one this this version. Just goes to show you it can turn up practically any loot source.

I’ve been farming General Traunt as well. But I’m farming for a Crossroads SMG. I’ve gotten 1 crossroads to drop so far(shock element). Just keep at it.

I’ve received a ton of nade mods from Kball(Katagawa Ball).


Thanks for the tips everyone. I’ll try loot tink for a bit tonight

@Kurtdawg13 are you on ps4? I will trade you a crossroads of a different element for yours

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I’ve gotten a few from farming Gigamind.


Sorry…I’m on xBone and Steam(waiting for the release). I’d happily trade you…I have all elements except incendiary for my Crossroads.


Ahh too bad… gearbox needs to get on top of that cross-platform goodness! I have have fire, rad and corrosive Xroads. Worth a shot for an easy storm front :joy:


yep, gigamind seems to be quite generous with granades for me aswell. gotten widowmakers, quasars, firestorms from him. i can’t remember if i had storm front from him but i don’t see why he shouldn’t be dropping it aswell.


i might have a spare storm front, if i do i can send you one (for free)

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If you do that’d be great. My psn is Fleyn_89 (:baseball:). I’ll try Gigamind for a bit when I get home regardless but if you have a spare I’d appreciate it!

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it should be in the mail, unless the tinks at the post office screwed up again (they often do!)

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Looks like the postal tinks had their coffee today. Thanks a bunch!
If you need anything let me know. I probably have at least 85%+ of the legendaries (half of them acquired from farming storm front XD)

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On Xbox one myself and been farming truant lots, really could do with a Storm Front 50% cryo. If anyone has a spare for trade I could see if I have something you don’t.
I’ll also try what others mentioned with the loot think and gigamind.


This thread is over two months old. You’d be better off starting a new one.

Also, Storm Front is one of the dedicated drops from El Dragon Jr. now. Unfortunately, he’s one of the worst rare spawns to farm in the game. Here’s a guide to help you, but be prepared to embrace the suck (which you can read about here).