Storm Front grenade mod?

I’ve got a bank full of legendaries and then some to trade, if anyone has a Storm Front.

I’ve got one but I think it’s 49 not 50. Would you trade a Blast Master Com for it?

If it’s 50, I’ll check and see if I’ve got one

Yeah, just checked and it’s 49.

2765 Dmg 534 Radius. Has attributes: Lobbed, MIRV, Sticky. If you still want it let me know, otherwise good luck finding one.

Have annointed one what annointeds do you have, that are commonly used gun wise. Butchers in all elements is ideal

Sorry, I traded all my anointed guns last night

I have an extra storm front, send me your gt

I have like 4 of them.

Send me a message if you cant get one.

I got one, but it’s not very good. This is kind of the main focus of my Moze build, do you mind sending me one?

Think I have quite a few decent stormfronts so I’ll send then to you tomorrow when I’m on again think I’ve got you on xbox already after sending you something yesterday lol at least I think i did

Perfect, thanks!