Storm Sniper Bugged After Update

Just want to point out that the Storm Legendary Sniper rifle no longer fires the shock orbs over the hit target since this new update. Please fix one of my favorite sniper rifles. Thanks


Same issue here. For me it doesn’t even show the shot itself anymore, let alone the orbs. Makes the gun nigh unusable sadly.


Firestorm has the same issue. Invisible projectile and non-functional legendary effect.


I can confirm both firestorm and storm have the same problem. And I am sad.


Same issue here
Storm does not show the orbs

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It sucks when probably the most effective and useful (not to mention valuable way past is obtained level) is now about as effective as a NERF rifle. Hopefully it’ll be fixed soon.

On the good side, it’s the only weapon I use that seems to be bugged this far. (Note there, “that I use”).


Same issue here. Also, the Maurice ECHO logs on Sanctuary for Marcus’s Get Dirt mission don’t play for me on Xbox. Which is unfortunate because based off of Marcus’s responses, they must have been worth listening to!

the same for me.
1st update, the Storm is broken.
I restart.
2nd update, I lose all my equipment.
I restart.
No new update. No more equipment.

I restart.
3rd update. I get my equipment back but the Storm is still broken.



Yes, Storm sniper is shooting invisibly now. You can see neither the regular shot, nor the ball lightnings hovering over your hit target. Damage seems OK though, just the shot animation is gone.

Shot damage seems ok, but I wasn’t seeing any evidence that invisible orbs were actively hitting anything at all - just a single damage number from the initial impact. (This on XB1) So basically, it barely tickles enemies.


Same thing. The biggest disappointment is that I’ve spent a couple of hours farming guns for my dad to help him beat the Maliwan warbase and Wotan. Storm was on top of my list - a perfect gun for entry-level player. So I killed Katagawa like 20 times, got the Storm and… it turned to be just a powerful one-shooter, but no more crowd-controller.
C’mon, Gearbox, if I wanted to train my dad as a hardcore sniper, I’d suggested hin Escape From Tarkov. At least in BSG they fix found bugs within a day after patch.

It’s on the radar at GBX.


Same here, firestorm broken but I’m glad to know at least I’m not the only one
I also got some bugs with the shotgun The Lab, my two favourite weapons are useless now.

Hope they fix this before cartel patch is over because I loved my electric build for Amara , and with this gun not working just not having any fun at all. Kept killing that guy for the right one and now it doesn’t work :slight_smile: :worried:

well i suppose that is something, how was it not on the radar before they released the patch that broke them ?

Presumably because this is the result of some weird dependency within the code on something else that wasn’t anticipated? Realistically, the team could not physically check and verify every single weapon in the game for possible interactions, and with an object-orientated code model some of those dependencies can be buried pretty deeply in layers of abstraction.


I completely understand that and I’m sure most people understand that with an update this big it’s difficult to account for everything. We are just wanting our dope stuff to be dope again. And personally I would like my Vapor Hoodlum trinket back (I had it and now it’s gone) as well as the bug that allows you or a teammate to harm a dominated enemy while it’s dominated as that kinda prevents that particular FL4K skill from operating as intended.

Good to see that I’m not the only one with this issue. I kinda don’t want to continue playing until this is fixed. However, like the COVID lockdown here in CA, I have no idea how long that will be.

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Was just gonna post about this.

so if they cant possibly test everything how about putting the patch in beta first next time so the community can test it before it goes live in a broken state.