Storm Sniper Rifle no longer firing orbs

Why does it cost so much for respawn

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Did you edit post? The title is a curveball to your post lol

BL games have always charged 10% of your total money count for a respawn IIRC. If you got charged a lot, you probably had a lot of dough on ya!

I believe respeccing skill points is a % based fee as well, not sure about the numbers though as I never really pay attention.

7% actually - a pittance since you don’t really need money for anything but SDUs.

Pro-tip : keep your account low by buying SDUs as soon as you can. That way your respawn fee won’t be as high.

Yup, thought I was seeing things for a sec :laughing:

Indeed OP the less money on you when you respawn, the lower the cost but you should never run out and it’s pretty easy to come by.

I put the predatory lending on the other day to check my balance as it’s over the 99,999,999 (HEY GB CAN WE HAVE ANOTHER MOST SIGNIFICANT DIGIT PLEASE) If I don’t make a FFYL now I’m looking at a cool 50 million to respawn. :face_with_monocle:

If the question is about respawn fees, the place to discuss it is here:

If the question is about the Storm Sniper Rifle, I believe that should have been fixed in the last update?

Since the OP and title are so divergent, I’m closing this thread for now.