Stormblind complex missing location 19/20

I’m trying to clear the arms race map but i’m missing a single location and i’m at 19/20. I already got the achievement for some reason even though i didn’t discovered all the locations but i’m still trying to get them all. I pulled the poi names from the wiki page
put it to a list and crossed the names as i get them and after 8 runs i managed to find 19 locations. My map is all blue there is no gray parts and the name of the poi i’m missing is " The Hunker Bunker "
Does anybody know where is this " The Hunker Bunker" in Stormblind Complex ?

The Hunker Bunker is inside a building that kind of looks like a big garage door. When you go in you can climb the wall and run along the left side of the room on your way to the loot chest. The mark in this picture is where I was standing when it popped up.

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