Stormpillar - does it work at all?

The description says:

Activating Paradigm Shift places a Shadowfire Pillar under each nearby enemy Battleborn in range.

I’ve used PS many times with the Stormpillar mutation and haven’t seen a single pillar around me pop out as a result of that perk. I keep watching enemies around me, some as close as in my face, and not seeing any pillars.

Is it just for PVP?

I was literally just about to make this thread.

I have been using this mutation ever match for the past three days.

I have only seen it work once.
And the time it worked it worked on people who where no where near me or the PS beam
It’s weird and it sure as hell isn’t working correct. At least correct in how it says it should.

It’s not great. It is counterintuitive to Orendi’s playstyle and just is not the best choice.

As soon as I unlocked it, I went into private versus and got some double kills with it.

I’m pretty sure PVP is the only case where you fight other Battleborn…

PVP is the only place I never seen it work

I now have seen it work four times.
everytime was in a story mission. And it is very very random.
not all enemies had been hit some that were hit by it were farther than others.
no matter which way you slice it I am fairly confident it is bugged.

Its only working for PvP in a rather small radius.
As PvE-gamer I was very very dissapointed, since the (trash) german translation says “nearby enemies” only, leaving out that its “enemy Battleborn” instead. It was rather frustrating when I tried to use it in a mission.


It’s a pvp only ability. From what i’ve seen it does somewhat decent damage, plus it hits the battleborn behind orendi as well as those in front of her.

Yea, just for pvp. It says “enemy battleborn”.

Youre tripping dude because it doesnt work in story. It only works against enemy Battleborns not minions

Im surprised to see people not appreciating this helix option. It is a must have for PvP. Ive gotten insane multi kills using this and it works every time. Just make sure you time it and aim it well.

nah your tripping because I already gave up caring bot master of orendi and moved on to mellka

it’s PVP only. I have mixed feelings about it. it’s super great when you actually pull it off. Would recommend going with this if you have a strong pushing team with you, as it makes it easier to pull off.

Being possibly buggy and misleading aside … as someone who plays mostly co-op content and Orendi is one of my favorites, this is disappointing. I was really hoping her final mutation would be something really cool that is not limited to only one type of target in one type of gameplay.