Story and Versus Command Rank

Is there any reason they are combined?

Story and Versus are very different experiences, and I’m surprised that (unlike many games with levels and distinct ‘campaign’ and ‘competitive’ modes) they are combined.

I know there’s a lot of heat around the utility of the command rank (and match dropping / match-making), but still, seems they should be separated.

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I think the same.

I think Command Rank is mostly just there as a way to gate unlocks, with characters and commander packs and such. Someone like me, who plays a fair amout of both modes, would end up suffering if the two were seperated because I’d be gaining both ~half as fast, and it’d pigeonhole me into a certain mode to get an unlock I want.

I’m thinking in the hability of the player in the different modes. One is against the machine in the story, and the other is against other players. If you are a great story player doesn’t mean you can deal properly with players in the versus mode, or if you are a great player in the versus doesn’t mean you are a good story player (i got a friend in this case who is good in pvp games and in the story i have to save him all the time x-D).

Is just my opinion =)

Command Rank doesn’t really mean anything though, it’s just there for commander packs and character unlocks, so splitting it between the modes just restricts those who play both.

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That’s right, but currently there seems to be a connection between the command rank and the matchmaking (dont know if i wrote this right x-D).

Maybe if the game has a ranked mode where people is classified by their win rate there will not be problems.

(Excuse me if my english is bad)

I’m pretty sure that command rank actually has very little to do with matchmaking, since I get matches anywhere from level 15 to level 100.

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maybe you’re right, and i hope that, cause the other option is think that the matchmaking still broken and is a bad option x-D

Gearbox tried a ranked queue on the PC and they want to make sure they get it right, which is admirable. We’ll have solid skill-based matchmaking soon enough.

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Can’t wait to see it ingame =)