[STORY] Disconnecting on hardcore = You're DEAD

Hey everyone, as of late I am trying to get every mission (including hardcore and advanced hardcore) on gold, for ■■■■■ and giggles, and while I was playing The Archive with a 3 man team on normal hardcore, all of the sudden my internet went out because I do not have the best connection in the world… All was well when I reconnected to the game, you’d think… Think again, when I came back I was dead and beyond reviving.
As expected this was kind of a game killer for me, the odd thing however is that in staid of the place where you normally would see a countdown to your death in normal mode, or see HARDCORE MODE displayed in hardcore mode (duh) I was greeted with a EXTRA LIVES REMAINING without a number in the circle… Now there can be one of two bugs right here

  1. It is not suppose to say EXTRA LIVES REMAINING but in staid HARDCORE MODE
  2. You should not die just because you disconnected.

And yes I know people will ask if I might have died while I was still practically in game but on my way to disconnecting, but I can tell you in advance that, that is not the case. As I mentioned before I was playing with 2 friends and both were certain that I did not die. ( I moved to a save spot when I noticed I was getting laggy).

So that’s all, thank you for reading and I hope either one of the two bugs will be fixed in the upcoming update.


And why not? From a coding perspective, it’s easier (and probably more stable) to just reuse existing interfaces and just set max lives to 0.

As for the rest of it, yeah. I actually have to agree. They put a bit of work into the reconnect vs lives bit for non-hardcore, I noticed. If you disconnect (intentionally or not) while alive, you can reconnect without a life counter penalty. Do that while dead however and you still need to expend a life.