Story is more than disappointing

Don’t be a Steve. Always use Spoiler tags.
this is video explain exactly why the story so disappointing
for me is the biggest issue that every character we loved before here it feels so empty

  • I Don’t think lilith is dead because when the finale song start ( this girl on fire ) you can see that tannis search where lilith is
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I enjoyed the story, and it’s definitely my favourite ending in the series.

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The ending for BL3 is just such a face palm for me. Just finished it a few minutes ago and I’m like “this girl is on fire”? Really? Are we just making puns out of horrible pop songs for endings now? God, The Heavy are rolling over (not in their grave).

BL3 ending be like “congratulations! Enjoy 5 more minutes of over wrought womens empowerment propaganda.”


I’m pretty sure that lilith story will not end like this there’s more to it

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Nah man, she’s pretty dead. Now the angsty teen gets to be in charge
At least I don’t have to hear her say “sup killer” ever again

Remember tha jesus-parody wallpaper ? Look in the roses. No maya :sob::sob: but lilith is there so i think she is alive

I legitimately could not believe that ending song happened. I was alone, playing the game at 1am, and still more embarrassed than I’ve felt in years.

It was awful.


if you notice when ending picture start tannis study or search about it even the key vault in lilith room when you open it there firehawk flying

Woman propaganda for 5 minutes of a song? really?

I found the song fitting, but it did make me chuckle. Only because I’m so used to heavier songs by Cage the Elephant and The Heavy.

Honestly, the only song I remember from the credits is the stealthy song.

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I just went to check out the vault key, didn’t know you could interact with it. Good catch.
On the way I stopped to look at the Firehawk symbol from the bridge on sanctuary and realized something kinda startling: where’s elpis?
Did Lilith destroy the entire moon and everyone on it? Its just completely gone now, rip Athena and Janey

Okay… I can understand if someone is sad or disappointed with the story for Maya. She is a beloved character who has a short “stage time” in BL3.

But, the video is missing one fact about Ava. (Look Echolog “Dis-Order” )
She is not a normal civilian of Athenas. She is the daughter of Dido, the siren queen. Right in the moment, we don’t really know much about that siren.

Yeah not true! I interpret the part where Ava is called brat of the siren. But the siren which is meant is Maya! Ava is just the apprentice of hers.

Yeah about that… I noticed it and my theory is that we got an “Lilith” (astrology term for a second moon of the earth which is hiding in the shadow)

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wait what wher is that

I did find the main story disappointing, though it wasn’t because the story is bad, because I don’t think it is bad, but rather I found it disappointing because it was nothing like what I expected. Gearbox built up a lot of hype for Borderlands 3 with Pre-Sequel’s ending, but the game we got was nothing like the game they teased with that ending.

Pre-Sequel’s ending seemed to tease a massive game with a huge war and all Vault hunters returning, but 4/6 Borderlands 2 Vault hunters aren’t even in the game except for some Krieg audiologs. Not only them, but numerous other NPC’s are missing including the Watcher, Dr. Zed (with the exception of a radio ad and his vending machines), Sasha, Fiona, Gortys, Loaderbot, Jainey, and Athena. On top of that, some of the characters that did return have barely any role in the main story, especially Tina, Brick, and Mordecai.

Borderlands 3 just isn’t the game that they set up and built early hype for.


yes they tease about war but I think it’s for the next borderlands which we will wait more 5 years

I know. I ■■■■■■■ hate that. Especially now that the characters have names and respond to story dialogue. Why the hell is everyone still calling you everything but your name. I dont understand why they added the dialogue if they still want you feeling disassociated with all the characters. This experience is even compounded when every cut scene in the game occurs with you completely removed from how the scene plays out.

1 step forward, 2 steps back, Gearbox.

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and why the vault hunter itself not have any cutscene

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Yes. That’s what I said.