Story Lag?!? Is It Server Maintenance?

Today and yesterday the story missions have been crashing and/or jumpy AF. Versus is running fine so I’m curious if its server maintenance or something. Anybody know?

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Probably just a weird day. I wouldn’t mark it as anything specific

I’ve seen some odd stuff the past 24 hours for sure, even spawns that are more twisted than the norn.
Just did HC Spotlight Sentinel myself as Ambra with a random Ambra.
We had 8 heavy thrall spawn where the players first spawn, and a Beast Master spawning popcorns
It was nuts.

Possibly. Hope it’s working tomorrow

Any lag or just that weird spawn stuff?

Odd lag that I never get on this Intel/nVidia system.
You see a Thrall, its not there, oh wait it is. :wink: