Story matchmaking

Why is there only an option to vote for a chapter after the team is made? I’d like to go through the story in order. Why can’t we pick a chapter, THEN get matched up with others that want that chapter as well?


That would be fantastic.

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Yeah I think this is a known issue at this point.

They dun goofed!

Well, I think part of the point is that you are supposed to farm the missions over and over. Think - instanced dungeon in an MMO. The story is secondary. If they matched you by the level you chose, wouldn’t it be tougher to find a general group to run PvE content, especially once everyone has seen the “story” and just wants to run PvE content for xp/gear?

I’m not saying do away with the voting system. I’m just saying they should also have a system to pick a map first before maychmaking. I’m all for grinding the maps…I just want the story in order first. :laughing:

The problem is that some unlockables depend on the completion of some maps, gets kinda hard to do them if you cant play them.
I have gold on all except the two last ones but i never get to play them on random.

Ah, that’s right.

Story is the most boring lifeless thing in any video game ever made.Nobody wants to grind these unless your not rigth in the head.

You must not have played Destiny, then.

So i gather you never played any Borderlands, any MMO or pretty much any game that has a gear system …

I love borderlands. Gear is fun. Unlike most I think the first Borderlands is way better than the second. The loot in BL is fun. There is no loot in Battleborn. The drops are trash and useless and make very little difference in any match. You will get more bang for your buck spending shards on turrets than trash gear.

I played MMO’s 20 years back starting with The Realm Online. Played Star Wars Galaxies from begging to end. WoW first 5 years.

Battleborn’s gear is how to do gear wrong. The story mode is not even a story. Half the story mode is just defending with waves of mobs. The most boring thing I ever played.

I played closed and open beta. Unique game with allot wrong but the game turned out to be way worse than open beta. The first two missions were fun.

Actually, the approach to the gear is quite good: gear gives you a choice and adds flavor to the game without being too important. Skill trumps gear and this is how it should be.

Oh really, must be playing wrong then.

Oh god the contradiction …

Sorry but i cannot take your post seriously.